Coffee Tomo

11309 Mississippi Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025
8 reviews

Coffee Tomo serves some of the best coffee around. After being saturated by all of the Starbucks in my neighborhood back in NY, I've forgotten what good coffee tastes like. I ordered the Carmel Latte and my buddy got a double macchiato. The orders did take some time as each order was individually prepared by the clerk, but it was ...

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    0.08 mi

    Giant Robot Store

    0.08 mi from Coffee Tomo
    7 reviews

    YAAY GIANT ROBOT. Such a quirky and awesome store. They specialize in vinyl toys and art books but always have other random stuff. Great for gifts.

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  • 2
    0.06 mi

    Max Karaoke Studio

    0.06 mi from Coffee Tomo
    5 reviews

    When it comes to Karaoke, you usually want to head over the Koreatown. However, when you are on the west side after a night of bar hopping and you need to get your karaoke fix, Max is your best option! It's a japanese private room style karaoke bar as opposed to the the stage style down the street. Their systems ...

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  • 3
    0.04 mi


    0.04 mi from Coffee Tomo
    2 reviews

    I kind of like GR1 more just because they have more stuff, but GR2 is closer to the eatery of the same parent name or something like that. They do however unlike GR1 have more artwork and gizmos that I love...and am too afraid to actually use other than for display ;D There's also this lil kiddy slot machine that ...

  • 4
    0.24 mi

    Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

    0.24 mi from Coffee Tomo
    2 reviews

    Quaint venue near UCLA. The seating is pretty interesting...the stage is in the "middle" and the audience surrounds the "stage" I personally went to go watch Mid Summers Night Dream in June 2013 and was surprised at the lack of "set design" but the performance was carried by the entertaining and professional actors. Curious if all their plays are sparse ...

  • 5
    0.05 mi

    HIS International Tours

    0.05 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    There is no better place to get plane tickets to Japan than at HIS. We wanted to stop in Japan for a few days on the way to Taiwan, and HIS had even better fares than the Chinese travel agencies. The prices were also the same or slightly below the fares online too. All of the employees are helpful and ...

  • 6
    0.12 mi

    Westside Family YMCA

    0.12 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    I really like the YMCA because not a lot of people know about it. So it doesn't get crowded even right after work. It's quite easy to find a treadmill. They offer a wide range of cool classes too, I took zumba and cycling there, they were both fun! What I really like though, is the swimming pool! There is ...

  • 7
    0.22 mi

    Loved Dog Doggie Day Care

    0.22 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    It has a pound feeling to it. I felt like I was coming to a dog pound. It smelled and everything but what do you expect... dogs! I came in and I looked at the window and my sis's dog recognized me! He was so excited and I was too! They brought him out for me and I got his ...

  • 8
    0.66 mi

    Liquid Kitty

    0.66 mi from Coffee Tomo
    11 reviews

    Jesus. This place is straight out of Barfly. Was that Bukowski in the corner ? Walking in here -- it is literally pitch black-- perfect place to bring a date ! Haaa. So many regulars and characters here, definitely worth a shot. They have specialty drinks-- one being "The Travis Bickle". Certain nights are karaoke nights, others band nights. Place ...

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  • 9
    0.78 mi

    Arsenal Bar

    0.78 mi from Coffee Tomo
    13 reviews

    Walls of weapons. 6 shooters, muskets, swords, single shot pistols. ect. Great food for happy hour.

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  • 10
    0.79 mi

    landmark theatres

    0.79 mi from Coffee Tomo
    4 reviews

    I have to say - I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this theater was. I went for a screening of a movie. Considering they had 2 other screenings going on in addition to actual movies playing at the theaters, it was handled quite well, with the exception of the signs directing people for the screenings being useless and confusing. ...

  • 11
    0.9 mi

    Westside Pavilion Shopping Center

    0.9 mi from Coffee Tomo
    4 reviews

    The Westside Pavilion is a shopping center on LA's Westside. It offers a range of shopping options and restaurants, and is home to a unique Landmark Theatre complex.

  • 12
    0.7 mi


    0.7 mi from Coffee Tomo
    2 reviews

    My friend from SD was visiting and she wanted to meet up last minute after her conference. As an yelp snob, I wanted to find a cool place to hang out in her area. So glad I found this place. A Harry Potter-esque bar with quality cocktails. I forgot what I ordered but I remember it being pretty strong. Heard ...

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  • 13
    0.39 mi

    Equinox West LA

    0.39 mi from Coffee Tomo
    3 reviews

    The creme de la creme of gyms in LA. (formerly known as Sports LA). You have in house Kihels products, fantastic showers, all the towels you want. Spa, hair salon, restaurant. They basically want you to live here. Some of the best instructors in LA. And the steam room and sauna don't hurt either. Come for a one day free ...

  • 14
    0.69 mi

    Yellow Balloon Westwood

    0.69 mi from Coffee Tomo
    2 reviews

    Love place to take your kids for a great haircut...Ask for Susan she is awesome with kids. I also do my hair there with Natalie and she rocks also....

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  • 15
    0.71 mi

    La dance fit

    0.71 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    One of the best dance studios in the westside!

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  • 16
    0.44 mi

    Culver Plaza Theatres

    0.44 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    Growing up in Culver City there were 3 theatres, The Culver, The Meralta and The Palms, all within 3 blocks of each other. They were all small and as kids we spent every day, all day at theese shows during the summer. I believe they have torn down The Meralta and turned The Culver Theatre, (which was really cool because ...

  • 17
    0.41 mi

    Adventure 16

    0.41 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review
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  • 18
    0.66 mi

    Loyola marmount running trail

    0.66 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    They say the best things in life are free. Take a stroll or run down this hidden trail on the side of LMU campus. Averages about 2 miles each way. Enjoy the trees, the natural wildlife in the marshes nearby and the sound of silence. Furry friends also welcome.

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  • 19
    0.8 mi

    Studio 1 dance

    0.8 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    Love the dance classes and the staff here! If you are looking for a great ballet studio check this place out!

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  • 20
    0.28 mi

    Lange Foundation

    0.28 mi from Coffee Tomo
    1 review

    My friend brought me here because it was close to the sandwich shop we ate at :) We just walked in and entered the kitty cage and played with them for a good 30-45minutes. The staff didn't mind. Some of the kitties didn't want to be bothered and some wanted attention. note to self: don't pet their belly or they'll ...

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