Corrigans Sports Bar n Grill

4700 Airport Plaza Dr, long beach, ca, 90815
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    2 Sep 30, 2012

    Well this hotel bar has some good stuff and is pretty crappy all at the same time. Its happy hour drink prices are decent $4 per draft or bottle and most of the mix drinks. However the grub and service makes a molasses look like a fast moving substance.

    I was recently here with my parents as they had flown into town for an HS Reunion being held here. We had dinner and drinks and enjoyed some time together. However some of my step moms classmates showed up and joined us at various times and we had to jump tables not long after getting there.

    The lighting in here makes a dark damp cave jealous. My dad literally couldnt read his menu it was so dark (and the sun hadnt even gone down yet). Very irratating to say the least. We ended up getting a couple of apps and a couple of regular menu items. I had a burger n beer combo which was very very avg on the burger and the beer was tasty, FAT TIRE WOO WOO!

    PRO TIP: The bar doesnt have bathrooms inside you have to follow a maze out to the lobby to use the restrooms there.

    My dad got an average turkey sandwich and the apps were a couple of orders of toquitos. They were all decent. However the food literally took at least 45 minutes to get to us. We ended up asking about it at least 3 times. Some very messed up crap to be honest.

    The drinks were good, not the strongest but a decent pour for happy hour. When we left they were setting up for what we think was a karaoke thing and they were even charging to gain entry to the bar. So perhaps there is some kind of club set up or similar thing at nights on Fridays here.

    Overall it was bleh and we only were there due to the convenience.

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