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14361 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA
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    Lame! With about 15 minutes left an announcement was made. "The library will be closing in 15 minutes, please check out your materials prior to closing". Okay that's normal, but then BAM! Over the PA system a Ray Charles song starts playing?? WTF?!!! Is it standard OC library policy to play music before closing? How rude! Everyone around me was either ignoring the music or in a frantic hurry to shut down their laptops and run away from this Kryptonite music. (If this is not normal please let me know so I can notify Managers that over see this library)

    Seriously??? I know this library always seems to surprise me in a bad way. Yesterday, I saw kids (or teens) playing with a soccer ball in the library and a baby was crying on the opposite side on the library like it was being raped for about 10 minutes. Dear Librarian, do you get paid for your job? THEN DO IT! When I used to work retail back in my teen years I wish I could play loud annoying music to get people to leave before closing, but this is unexcuseable. THIS IS A LIBRARY!!! SHSHHHHH! Yes I know it's Friday before Memorial Day, but what if someone was about to finish their homework or a writer had a wonderful idea that was interrupted. Someone could have finished and the equation to cure cancer, but BAM comes on annoying music. Wrong Place, Wrong time.

    One more strike Heritage Park and I will never go back to this library.

    **Everyone should protest next time by playing loud rock or inappropriate Rap music. If we are aloud to play music at the library take advantage of it! Secondly, this is Memorial Day weekend I expect more patriotic music at least.


    My first few Heritage Park experiences were HORRIBLE! It was so loud and I wasn't sure if it was a library or a bowling ally. On every table there is a sign that says "NO CELLPHONES", but I'm guessing the general library population can't read English or don't care. I was so mad I was ready to give this place negative 5 stars and throw my laptop out the window. Okay maybe not my laptop, because it's good. Throw books and computers out the window and scream at people and possibly give everyone the bird. Then go out like Scarface quiting his job in the movie Half Baked. Laters Deuces!

    After trying out every library within 10 miles, I thought I need to give Irvine another chance. I love the city of Irvine. Heritage Park library sucked visit one and two, maybe the third time is the charm. My secret. GO ON WEEKDAYS. Also, try to not sit at any tables near computers or the front desk. AVOID! Try to find a nice cooze table or chair on the outside wall as far far away from people as possible.

    **Ha ha as I write this review I'm seeing someone trying to study and giving another person the stare. You know the look. "WTF? This is a library!". ** At the moment the noise level is about medium, but it's all good I have my ear-buds in and I'm listening to Pandora Mozart channel. WusssSSAAA! I recommended going to the library before the near by high school gets out, if you can.

    PROS: -Great place to study if you find a quiet corner. The number of people with books studying outweigh the people on laptops youtubing and facebooking. YES! You know you aren't studying. Some libraries are free Internetlands for slackers.
    -Books are easy to find and the staff is helpful.
    -Free wifi WOOT
    -Quiet on weekdays if you go early.
    -Looks like there's a lot of magazines, newspapers, and books in Asian languages.
    -Very close by and easy to access.
    -Great location. Right next to a beautiful park. Maybe you should check out your book and just find a nice tree to curl up under.

    CONS: -The internet is a bit like dial up or DSL. Some pages you will need to count to 5 or 10 before it loads. Strange considering I don't see many wifi users. Forget about youtube, you will get too frustrating waiting for the ads to load. Go back to studying or reading.
    - The noise level can be high at times especially on weekends.
    - The front parking lot can fill up, so its walkie walkie for you.
    - Every library I went to has outlets at every table, but this library doesn't. I hope you have a great battery life on your laptop.

    Great for studying. I recommend everyone in Irvine check it out at least once.

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