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    Crystal isn't much of a town... no real shops, just a few homes and some of them have set up a makeshift restaurant of sorts... seems like they'll cook for you if you show up. The attraction here is just trying to get to the place! This town is not accessible via any paved roads at all... the only way in or out is by 4WD vehicles on a VERY rugged road, that isn't really a road at all. It's got rocks and boulders and holes everywhere... you DON'T want to do this in your airport rental Ford Fiesta! There are warning signs on the road that you should only be in a 4x4 and ONLY if you're experienced with off-road driving. Take it seriously... But when you get here, the river, and the old Crystal Mill (famous from many postcards of colorado) are worth seeing. On a nice day, in the appropriate vehicle, the road to get here is quite beautiful, following along a river.

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