Czech Inn Hostel

Francouzska 76, Prague 101 00 , Czech Republic
4 reviews

Excellent price, place to lock your belongings, clean bunk beds of good size and head room, clean bathroom, nice bar and restaurant in-house as well. Great location and near a lot of public transportation stops.

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    0.39 mi


    0.39 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    2 reviews

    Italian in Prague? I know, it seems almost wrong. The freshest ingredients, friendly staff and owner (he speaks fluent English, visiting his relatives in Florida yearly), and a great dining experience speak for themselves, though; elegant with a touch of down-home Czech hospitality-- that doesn't sound so bad, does it now? The cuisine is innovative and inspired, everything is just ...

  • 2
    0.96 mi


    0.96 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    The goulash was okay (I don't think I could tell excellent goulash anyway, it's not really my thing but, you know, when in Prague...), the beer was excellent (is there somewhere in Prague where it is not?), the prices very reasonable.

  • 3
    0.81 mi

    Pravěk - Doba kamenná

    0.81 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review
  • 4
    0.67 mi

    U Vodoucha - Praha

    0.67 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review
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  • 5
    0.82 mi

    U Kalicha

    0.82 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    Very good, friendly staff who love to share their traditions with visitors. Not too expensive and great decor too.

  • 6
    0.33 mi


    0.33 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    Though I would consider most of the restaurants I visited in Prague to be cheap, Sudicka was one of the best. A cute cavern below street level, dark and candle lit, it is the perfect place for a bottle of wine and a pot of fondue. Melted cheese isn't their only speciality, but it's definitely something you shouldn't miss. The ...

  • 7
    0.8 mi

    Čestr Ambiente

    0.8 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    Book before you go. This restaurant though large, was so full we had to start our meal outside. Sadly this meant after our initial order we felt neglected for drinks service. Our pescatarian/veggie member had little choice so we nearly up & left. However we were brought delicious amuse bouche, the wine was lovely. Blankets were provided to keep us ...

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  • 8
    0.32 mi

    Las Adelitas

    0.32 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    Very good food and service but be prepared for the misplaced order. Crazed & busy because it's slightly authentic.

  • 9
    0.98 mi

    Restaurace Spirit Bar

    0.98 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    Kaching! Best restaurant I ate at in Prague, hands down. Located just outside the touristy area, Spirit Bar is much cheaper and better quality than most old town spots. You will not be able to get out hungry, the food (and beer) is just too good and rich.

  • 10
    0.69 mi

    McDonalds - IP Pavlova

    0.69 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review


  • 11
    1.38 mi

    U Fleků

    1.38 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    7 reviews

    Good bear, and had been a good food there in the past.

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  • 12
    1.59 mi


    1.59 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    5 reviews

    Lokal has received some great reviews from acclaimed travel publications, but I thought the food was just average. The food had a heavy hand to it and nothing they had was really light. I did like the atmosphere because it was very pub like and they had some great beers on the menu.

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  • 13
    1.64 mi

    Lehká hlava

    1.64 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    4 reviews

    Lovely lunch with lots of delicious veggie food to choose from. The beetroot burger was a delight as were the burritos. we all enjoyed the accompaniments & the bread was tasty. So many different delights to savour & so reasonably priced.

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  • 14
    1.44 mi

    U Medvídků

    1.44 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    Hidden on a winding street in the center of Prague, this centuries old beer hall/pub is about as authentically Czech as it gets. Yes, you'll find tourists here, but you'll also find a ton of locals; this is not, by any means, a tourist trap. They cater to locals and have refused to change that. Grab a table in the ...

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  • 15
    1.68 mi


    1.68 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    In Atmosphere's courtyard it's easy to forget that the hectic bustle of the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square are mere minutes away by foot. Extra cheap beverages and surprisingly delectable pub food mixed with Atmosphere's laid back attitude makes it the perfect place to escape from the fracas of the more frequented streets. It can get a little rowdy ...

  • 16
    1.18 mi

    U sudu

    1.18 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    If I could have, I would have given it 4.5 stars. I hung out here when I lived in Prague. U Sudu's biggest selling point is that it's open and serving drinks 24 hours a day. No matter what, you can always get some delicious pivo here (although I never really tried between 6am and noon, so don't hold that ...

  • 17
    1.62 mi

    Bakeshop Praha

    1.62 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    This is probably the one place in Prague that is exempt from the usual lack of inflation, but it is beautiful and well worth a stop by if you want to take a break form your sightseeing with a coffee and a pretty wee cake. When I was there in the Winter they had cupcakes with delicious iced snowmen on ...

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  • 18
    1.64 mi

    TGI Friday's

    1.64 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    4 reviews

    A good place if u are used to the American cuisine and miss it.

  • 19
    1.62 mi

    Cafe Slavia

    1.62 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    3 reviews

    The coolest cafe I've ever seen...huge, spacious, Art Deco design throughout ...the orange flavored hot chocolate was my favorite. They also have very good sandwiches. This is what all coffee houses/cares should aspire to...

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  • 20
    1.31 mi

    U Kroka

    1.31 mi from Czech Inn Hostel
    1 review

    This a very nice restaurant with typical Czech food - meat & potatoes/dumplings. Not a touristy place. Friendly wait staff and clean bathrooms. The meal was not that expensive and the beer is very good (according to my nephew who lives here, since we don't drink beer).

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