Things to do for Budget Travelers in Dakar, Senegal 

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    African Renaissance Monument

    4 reviews

    Locals have a love-hate relationship with this grand statue commemorating Africans that's ironically displaying two Asians and designed by Koreans. Even if you don't like the statue, it's worth trekking to the top of the hill, which has a sweeping view of Dakar, and displays the city's fit mentality: many locals sprint up and down the hill.

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    Island of Gorée

    4 reviews

    Beautiful little bougainvillea-covered island, easy to get to from Dakar, lots of little craft markets. The water's not great for swimming as it's so close to a city, though. The incredibly depressing "door of no return" is here, which was where slaves would pass through on their way onto boats bound for the Americas.

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    House of Slaves

    2 reviews

    Dakar wasn't the most busy slave port in West Africa; nevertheless, countless people people passed through the Gorée Island ports on their away to the Americas. The Slave House is a museum dedicated to this sad time. Learn more about the slave trade, and hear some of the stories about Gorée's role in it

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    Artisan Market Soumbédioune

    2 reviews

    Lots of stalls in a neighborhood of narrow dirt paths. Get ready to haggle and practice your french. This is a great place to look at great artisan work in wood and textiles. There is something for everyone. It is best to arrive in the morning, as there is a tradition that vendors find good luck by selling to their ...

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    Ferries for Ile de Goree

    2 reviews

    The Island of Gorée is a must see in Dakar, and the ferry is the best way to get there. The views of Dakar and the island from the ferry are very nice. The best views are from the front of the ferry, where there isn't much shade, so if you burn easily take some sun tan lotion

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    Abbaye de Keur Moussa

    1 review

    A unique monastery just outside of Dakar where local monks chant beautiful melodic tunes in Wolof every Sunday morning, preceded by a sermon in French. Next door they sell fresh fruits and locally made goat cheese.

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    Lake Retba

    1 review

    Iridescent pink sparkles from this lake, which has a salt content 10 times that of the ocean. Catch the salt minors driving back.

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    Canon de Navaronnes

    2 reviews

    Cool WWII era cannons overlooking the harbor of the island. The cannons themselves are interesting, but the view from this vantage point is the real draw

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    Mosque of the Divinity

    2 reviews

    Cool looking mosque located right on the edge of the Atlantic. The view is spectacular

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    Place de L'indépendance

    1 review

    Place de L' independance recently had a huge cone shaped structure that during the night would be lit up with different patterns. Although its just a big square we for some reason while here have been warned against going out during the dark, maybe just for safety.

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    IFAN Historical Museum

    1 review

    Old Colonial era fort converted into a history museum. The museum itself is pretty small and not particularly interesting. The fort itself is good for a couple pictures. If you are running short on time for the ferry back, don't feel bad if you skip this

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    Tourist Market

    1 review

    An assortment of artisan ware and knicknacks aimed at tourists. It can be a pleasant place to browse while waiting for the ferry back, but you can find better souvenirs at the soumbedioune artisan village

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    St. Charles Eglise

    1 review

    Cute church on Gorée Island. I really liked the shady plaza in front of the church, which is perfect for taking a short rest and eating some of the yummy fruits sold at the food stands in the harbor

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