Going to Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Jan 28, 2012 - Jan 31, 2012

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    • Koren Leslie Cohen commented on this list

      I stayed at the PP Insula. No frills and relatively inexpensive. Pretty clean. This is a little hotel. However, if I were you, I probably would not book anything in advance, as when you exit the ferry, there will be several people waiting from whom you can rent bungalows. Of course, you won't have time to research and will have to trust a few photos, but it's usually totally fine.

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    • Camping Maya BayKo Phi Phi Lee, Thailand
      Baxter Jackson recommended Camping Maya Bay
      If you're looking for traces of Di Caprio (and who isn't?), Maya Bay is the place you've been dreaming of. That sense of deja vu you'll experience with the sugary, white sand between your toes and the ... read more
      aquamarine waters stretched to the horizon is actually real. You've been here before only it was as a voyeur in the instant-classic backpacker film 'The Beach.' This time, however, is different. You're not looking at a screensaver anymore, you're IN the screensaver and yet you still can't believe places this breathtaking actually exist, even when you're physically there.
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      Baxter Jackson

      It doesn't get any cheaper or cleaner than this, Daniel.

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