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    • Barbara Kossy commented on this trip

      Take the train to one town.
      Then walk to another town and have a gelato, or a meal.
      Then walk to another for the next meal.
      Then take the train back to your hotel.
      It it's a hot day bring your swim things and make sure you include a beach so you can swim and cool off. How does that sound? Also, the seafood here is amazing. When I stayed we had a quest for the best seafood salad. Be ready to eat sea snails. They're delicious.

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    • Via del AmoreVernazza, Italy
      Barbara Kossy recommended Via del Amore
      This hiking trail with stunning views of the Med and the coastal towns of Cinque Terre can be the backbone that holds together your entire visit to the region. It connects Manarola all the way to ... read more
      Riomaggiore. When I walked it we did sections and use the coastal train to get us back to Vernazza. Do check the train schedules and check with locals to see if the section of the trail you'll be hiking is open. Some sections get damaged during winter storms and so on. It can be hot, so bring plenty of water and walk during the cooler hours. Be careful to watch for trail markers on the walls. Really an amazing walk.
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      Barbara Kossy

      A really fun hike, more so since you can use the train to get back to your hotel.