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    • Monique Vanni recommended The Triple Bridge
      This is the heart of the Old Town, and a fine example of the local architectural style.
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      Monique Vanni

      This is a great base from which to explore the Old Town, and its lovely little caf├ęs and shops, cobblestone streets.

    • Monique Vanni recommended Bled
      This is one of the most stunning places in the World, a true fairytale destination. The beautiful little town around the lake, the little island with the church. Just breathtaking.
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      Monique Vanni

      I'm not sure this is on your route, but it's a beautiful, beautiful place.

    • Ljubljana CastleGrajska planota, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
      Monique Vanni recommended Ljubljana Castle
      The castle is super nice, and has lovely view of the town. A great way to start your visit of the city!
      .Comment.almost 3 years ago. Report
      Monique Vanni

      I think this is a great starting point!

    • Skocjan CavesLjubljana Slovenia

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