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Delicious Destinations

Spots with some of the worlds most incredible cuisine.


Uber progressive, California is always pushing the forefront of culture and consciousness. Super hip and health conscious California sets the trends for the rest of the world.


From the moment I first stepped off the plane, for me, Portland felt like home. The city is youthful, progressive and forward thinking. It's edgy like Brooklyn yet West Coast laid back. People are open minded and kind. People here are trying to create new ways of living and relating to each other and...

New York City

Coming for the New York area when I am traveling I meet people all over the world who long for visit the Big Apple. I always tell them the best time of year to visit the city is in the Christmas season! I know it is one of the most popular times for tourists but it really is the best time to see the city (from...

Paris and Surrounds

So magical! There is a reason that all sorts of people rave over Paris. Most places with such praise would be a let down but not Paris! It continues to exceeded my expectations.


Hands down one of the most unique places in the world. Japan, to say the least, has a style all it's own! The special blend of modern and traditional achieved by these people is truly one of a kind. The cities are bustling, the countryside is spectacular and the you could not find kinder people....


Enjoyed every moment of my two months in this amazing city! The food, the people, the weather, the culture, everything is lovely! Before arriving I read about the pick pockets in the city but I've got to say I have been ALL OVER this city and I have felt completely safe here. As with any city it is...


It's London. It's one of the world's most famous cities so it is definitely worth seeing if you have the chance. There is so many great historical things to see and the city has a hip vibe. The prices for everything here are incredibly high! It is a foodie capital but the restaurants in London are so...


Just arrived! Such a beautiful and picturesque city! In midsummer the sun up here never really sets! It's a lovely twilight all night long! The city is very walkable and set up some central ares with a concentration of shops and restaurants. They have all the best shops all set up with eye attracting...