East Palo Alto

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Home to Facebook and not much else. East Palo Alto is the seedier side of Palo Alto and mostly a neighborhood. On the north is Facebook, on the south is Ikea. In the middle... stay safe!

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    Palo Alto

    California, USA
    50 reviews

    Palo Alto is an a pretty cool college town with lots of stuff for young people to do, whether they're 21 or not. It's all about good food and shopping in Palo Alto Pampas is a great restaurant I've taken family member to. After you can take a walk down University Ave. One of my favorite streets in Palo Alto, ...

  • 2

    Menlo Park

    California, USA
    41 reviews

    So cool

  • 3


    California, USA
    30 reviews

    I spent five years of grad school here, great times! The campus is beautiful and relaxing, many things to see.

  • 4


    California, USA
    3 reviews

    This town is full of gorgeous mansions with sprawling yards behind huge designer gates. Long driveways, quiet streets shaded under tall, plush trees. Peaceful neighborhoods, fancy cars, a nice neighborhood for walking around and taking in the brisk air. If I could afford to live here.. which is likely never, I wouldn't hesitate for one minute.

  • 5

    San Jose

    California, USA
    88 reviews

    I felt like Dorothy stepping into Oz, the screen bursting into colour for the first time. San Jose is big and bright. Every building, flower, and tree towered over my head and invited me for a stroll, like a cluster of friendly giants. There was even a game of jumbo chess taking place in the square. There are some very ...

  • 6

    Mountain View

    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Out of all of the South bay Cities, I think Mountain View has to be on the top of the list. It's bigger than Menlo Park but not as crowded and Frantic as Palo Alto. The layout of the city is much better also.

  • 7

    Santa Clara

    California, USA
    16 reviews

    One of the most historic cities in the South Bay. Home to Santa Clara University, the Mission and the future home of the San Francisco 49ers. They messed up on downtown here. Currently City Hall is located out of the way off Harrison St and the rest of the real downtown is over on Main Street and Homestead. You'd never ...

  • 8


    California, USA
    5 reviews

    Milpitas is an allright city. It's a pretty decent place to live, if they only improved the downtown a bit it'd be then a great place to be.

  • 9


    California, USA
    15 reviews


  • 10

    San Mateo

    California, USA
    13 reviews

    good options...

  • 11


    California, USA
    16 reviews

    Sunnyvale is a suburban city located in the heart of Silicon Valley. As for culture, the city does not have much to offer. But that's not really why Sunnyvale exists in the first place. Sunnyvale is home to companies such as LinkedIn and Juniper Networks whom are some of the more renowned companies in the world. If you do see ...

  • 12

    Half Moon Bay

    California, USA
    84 reviews

    Half Moon Bay is a beautiful town just about an hour and a half south of San Francisco. Mainly known for the Breakers surf competition, HMB is also known for it's small shops and independent businesses. A good place to get away to.

  • 13

    San Carlos

    California, USA
    3 reviews

    I'm in love with the Bay Area and especially the peninsula, so this is surely biased. Clean, and safe city with a lot of wealth floating around. Nice shops and close to freeways, easy to navigate.

  • 14

    Redwood City

    California, USA
    12 reviews

    I have fallen in love with Redwood City over the last year. I have visited 5-6 times and the weather has been fantastic. Nice, clear skies in the mornings, and in the winter there's a fine chill. The perfect weather for cozy PJ's, and a lighting the fireplace. Great plazas to shop, friendly residents, access to freeways, many parks available ...

  • 15

    Los Gatos

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    They have a great Farmers market every Sunday!

  • 16


    California, USA
    13 reviews

    A great town with excellent shopping perks! There is a nice outdoor mall-eqsue area downtown with a Sephora and other large retailers. Full of quaint coffee shops, plenty outdoor seats, and a overall a great place to enjoy some window shopping and being outside.

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    California, USA
    8 reviews


  • 18


    California, USA
    7 reviews
  • 19


    California, USA
    8 reviews

    Saratoga is definitely a sleepy city. Don't expect to go here and find the city alive at 12am. It's made for folks who want a quiet, safe, and peaceful place to live.

  • 20


    California, USA
    6 reviews

    Millbrae is a nice place to stop before making it all the way to San Francisco Airport if you have some time to kill. I fuel up my rental car then go to In 'n Out Burgers.

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