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    Quito, the capitol of Ecuador is a mixed bag. At over 9,000 feet, you'll find yourself gasping after a couple of flights of stairs the first day or so; they say the weather can manifest all four seasons in one day, and I've seen it happen! Old Town, a World Heritage Site, is really worth a wander, and the churches ...

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    While Quito is the capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city, and it's financial capital. Also, unlike landlocked Quito, Guayaquil is a seaport town.

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    Puerto Ayora

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    It's a tourist town, and the main town in the Galapagos islands--and it's a charming little place where a lot of locals live. The main tourist attractions including hotels, restaurants and shops are near the harbor. However, take a walk up the hill behind town and you'll find the authentic purveyors of local goods and services. Definitely worth a day ...

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    If you're looking for a foreign city to call home, consider Cuenca Ecuador. With it's mild weather, gorgeous architecture, friendly people, clean water and low cost of living, it's no wonder that expats are flocking to this colonial gem in South America.

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    Puerto Villamil

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    One of the more populous inhabited towns in the Galapagos archipelago, Puerto Villamil can be easily navigated on foot but for convenient's sake, most would hop on to an open air "chiva" bus that makes getting around town (which is quite spread out actually) more easily. The star attraction of Puerto Villamil is no doubt its long stretches of white ...

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    Otavalo has one of the best-known and yes the best local crafts market in Equador. The town itself is full of artists and artisans. I remember a little shop full of amazing little creations of villages and people all made of colored dough. I bought a wonderful small oil painting of a mysterious night mountain scene in the local style. ...

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    Set in a beautiful verdant valley, the cobblestone town is very pleasant to walk around, and there is some great food there. There are some scenic waterfalls all around the town, and some hot springs to indulge in as well.

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    View from hostel izchayluma. Stay here! It was the highlight of our trip. We ended up spending 4 days here and contemplated junking our galapagos trip to stay longer.

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    Mindo is set amongst spectacular cloud forests on Ecuador's coast-facing outer Andean slope. The town has come to be known for it's unparalleled bird watching, and there are a number of lodges and resorts that cater to this activity. It's soggy and damp as you'd expect from a cloud forest, but unbelievably beautiful.

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    Great can go to the military zoo and to the rivers and even banos from to go to puyo....the weather is so perfect!

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    I loved the awesome very clean beaches in salinas also the motels are great!

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    Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

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    Great place to see the rainforest - what with the caymans, various birds, monkeys, boas, and such. Although the sand ants are terrible little creatures. Just reckless with who and what they bite, just not discerning at all. The river itself in the rainforest (it's a 'flooded' rainforest apparently, although I don't have any other rainforests to compare this one ...

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    Machalilla National Park

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    While the tropical rainforest holds the title for insane biodiversity, there is something about tropical dry forest that captures my imagination. It holds a more enchanting, almost magical allure over me compared to its soaking wet cousin. Machalilla is a perfect example of what I am talking about. During the wet part of year, it's nearly indistinguishable from rainforest, but ...

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    Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve

    2 reviews

    One of the PLANET's best kept secrets. Awesome.

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    Cotopaxi National Park

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    Cotopaxi. My spirit mountain. This conical, ice covered giant. The tallest active volcano on Earth. And something about it touches me on a deep, spiritual level. I am drawn to it and likewise to his sisters - Antisana, Cayambe, Chimborazo - like a horse to water. These icy heights lured me away from a life in the lowland tropics, jungles ...

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