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    42 reviews

    Traditional and charming city, Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is possibly the country's cultural center as well. Although our visit to Quito was quite brief, we had a pleasant day of exploring both the touristy part as well as the more local part of the city. We even tried their very environmentally healthy and efficient public transportation! This ...

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    40 reviews

    The "feel" of Guayaquil is definitely more lively, urban, industrial, and somewhat chaotic. Perhaps it was that we mainly stayed in the older, more traditional part of town so we felt like we have been transported back about 20-30 years back. Otherwise, we enjoyed experiencing the local flair, culture, and atmosphere.

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    Quito, Cuenca and the Andean Highlands

    1 review

    Ever since entering the travel business I have been intrigued by Hacienda Zuleta and the Andean Mountains. Zuleta is located about an hour and half north of Quito in a stunning, fruitful valley. This is a charming place to spend two or three days immersing in the Ecuadorian land, people and communities. I was fortunate enough to kick off my ...

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    Quito Metropolitan Area

    1 review

    America Av. by pass

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    The Galápagos Islands

    30 reviews

    The Galapagos Islands collectively is truly an amazing place: from the animals, to the flora, to the people. We saw the reasons behind the subspecies and adaption. We saw friendly animals who have no reasons to fear humans. We saw the most clear water and softest/whitest sandy beaches. The Galapagos is indeed amazing!

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    Santa Cruz

    1 review

    Love the lava tubes! It's the most touristy of the Galapagos Islands, but also has the most to do socially, nocturnally, etc. Fun place, but being overrun with socioeconomic problems from the mainland.

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    The Amazon

    1 review
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    9 reviews

    If you're looking for a foreign city to call home, consider Cuenca Ecuador. With it's mild weather, gorgeous architecture, friendly people, clean water and low cost of living, it's no wonder that expats are flocking to this colonial gem in South America.

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    Puerto Villamil

    1 review

    One of the more populous inhabited towns in the Galapagos archipelago, Puerto Villamil can be easily navigated on foot but for convenient's sake, most would hop on to an open air "chiva" bus that makes getting around town (which is quite spread out actually) more easily. The star attraction of Puerto Villamil is no doubt its long stretches of white ...

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    8 reviews

    Ciudad indígena donde se destacan sus artesanías textiles y de madera y en especial el mercado en el centro que ofrece al visitante una gran variedad de objetos artesanales. Muy turística y tranquila

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    Isabela Island

    4 reviews

    Isabela Island is the largest of the islands in the Galapagos and we feel one that offers the most varied activities: from hiking in the volcanic crater/rim, to snorkeling, to animal quests. We saw quite a few varying terrains here from jaggard volcanic rocks to marsh land to the most softest and whitest sandy beaches. This island is amazing and ...

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    8 reviews

    A town in a valley, surrounded in every direction by beauty.

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    Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

    2 reviews

    This is the place in the Amazon to come see aquatic wildlife. The lagoons and rivers of this wetland park are teeming with giant otters, manatee, river dolphin, turtles, piranhas, anaconda and more. A wet and wild wonderland.

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    2 reviews

    Mindo is set amongst spectacular cloud forests on Ecuador's coast-facing outer Andean slope. The town has come to be known for it's unparalleled bird watching, and there are a number of lodges and resorts that cater to this activity. It's soggy and damp as you'd expect from a cloud forest, but unbelievably beautiful.

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    3 reviews

    Great can go to the military zoo and to the rivers and even banos from to go to puyo....the weather is so perfect!

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