Going to Bahia de Caraquez

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I plan to visit here in march
Need economical place to stay

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    • Yellonero commented on this list

      Ed, ask Arlo about the ceviche there, he'll love to tell you all about it! Hahaha

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      Arlo Hemphill recommended Canoa
      The great thing about Ecuador's mainland beaches is that you can still find special spots like Canoa that cater to adventurous beach travelers, but yet are completely undeveloped in a tourism sense. ... read more
      Canoa is truly a backwater fishing village with a spectacular beach and few tiki hut bungalows where you can truly escape the modern world. Rustic, but enchantingly beautiful.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Hi Ed,

      No place in Bahia is too expensive. The town was well developed in the early 90's, but after a major earthquake and global economic crises, it just never met the potential it was striving for. If you have some flexibility, I prefer staying just a 20 min drive upcoast in Canoa. There you can get a bungalow on a wide sandy beach, and have the whole of the Pacific and her sunshine at your disposal. Bahia is nice too, but it's a town built like a city, so it has an urban feel to it, whereas Canoa is sand and country roads...

    • Hotel Baja MontanitaMontanita Via Olon, Montanita, Ecuador

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