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    Terry Gardner
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    4 Jul 09, 2012

    I found the personnel friendlier in New York than in Tel Aviv, but that was mainly because one of the luggage screening machines wasn't working on the night we departed Tel Aviv. I was stressed out because I needed to go to the bathroom but hadn't wanted to lose my place in line. They seemed stressed because they are even more rigid about security in Israel. But the food on our flights was great. El Al serves the best hummus in the sky.

    The most surprising part about departing from the Tel Aviv Airport was discovering that El Al doesn't think the airport screeners are as competent as they are, so you actually get screened a second time before you board a flight. And it turned out that the airport screeners had let one passenger walk through with a full water bottle (so I was grateful that El Al does a second screening).
    The only reason I don't love El Al is that the coach seats don't have much leg room or recline, and it's a long flight from Newark to Tel Aviv. The entertainment system is also very antiquated.

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