El Cafecito Cafe Hostal

Cr 6 # 34-70, Bogota, Colombia
1 review

I have visited many habitaciones traveling 10 countries in Latin America this is the best I have ever found in 40 years. the multiligual educated owner and outstanding staff made my visits there a delight , it is my home away from home, the only 5 stars in my book , any questions? I'll be happy to respond. John email ...

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  • 1
    0.24 mi

    Colegio San Bartolomé la Merced

    Avenida Circunvalar # Cra. 5 # 34-00, Bogota, Colombia
    0.24 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    1 review
  • 2
    0.82 mi

    National Museum of Colombia

    Calle 24 # 24, Bogotá D.C., Bogota, Colombia
    0.82 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    5 reviews

    I am kind of a history nut so this review may be biased BUT I really enjoyed visiting the National Museum of Colombia. It was well organized and easy to get around. I really like the displays and the special programs that they offer. I learned a lot that I never knew about the history of Colombia and South America.

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  • 3
    0.88 mi

    Seis manos

    Street 23, Bogota, Colombia
    0.88 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    1 review
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  • 4
    1.46 mi

    Museo del Oro

    1.46 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    23 reviews

    If nothing else, it is extremely impressive the skill and hard work and the amount of gold found here!

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  • 5
    3.34 mi

    Botero Museum

    Avenida Calle 82, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
    3.34 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    19 reviews

    i personally like this one better that the gold museum. The house its in is very well conserved, there a lot of art pieces and the shop is small but very nice.

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  • 6
    1.74 mi

    Bogotá Cathedral

    Carrera 8, Bogota, Colombia
    1.74 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    16 reviews

    The architecture is truly astonishing! In addition to the cathedral, the entire square is impressive and steeped in history.

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  • 7
    1.3 mi

    Iglesia de Monserrate

    Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
    1.3 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    13 reviews

    On top of Cerro De Monserrate, the church is the main attraction here. Inside are some interesting views of a nicely built church. Be prepared for a cold windy weather in this area. The architecture here is a cross between old and modern. After exploring the church take a walk around the rest of Cerro de Monserrate.

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  • 8
    2.06 mi

    La Candelaria

    2.06 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    10 reviews

    I did enjoy La Candelaria, the historic part of Bogota. I did not, however, enjoy how scary it is if you wander even a block in the wrong direction. Keep your wits about you here, but also enjoy the historic charm.

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  • 9
    1.72 mi

    Cerros De Monserrate

    Calle 2 # 48, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia
    1.72 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    8 reviews

    At the top of Monserrate it is really easy to impressed by the size of Bogotá. The view of the third largest city in South America is pretty overwhelming from here. Catch either the funicular, the train or you can walk up. But a word of warning, if the steepness of the climb doesn't get you the altitude will because ...

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  • 10
    1.95 mi

    El Carmen Church

    Calle 7, Bogotá D.C., Bogota, Colombia
    1.95 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    6 reviews

    Cool mudejar style church in the center of Bogota. The red and white lined church has a unique look that sets it apart from much of the rest of the old center.

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  • 11
    1.75 mi

    Iglesia de la Candelaria

    Calle 11, Bogota, Bogotá, Colombia
    1.75 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    5 reviews

    Just a very nice building to look at. There is a lot to do around the area, such as good food or as the youth do, just hang out.

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  • 12
    4.04 mi

    Parque de la 93

    Bogota, Bogotá, Colombia
    4.04 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    4 reviews

    Beautiful place to visit in the Zona Rosa area of Bogotá both at night and in the day. The area is full of a lot of food places to eat. Especially one of my favorites BBC. There are a lot of cafes in the area and the night life here is beers or food. The parks is nice to just ...

    Popular withLocalNightlifeLuxury
  • 13
    3.19 mi

    Atlantis Plaza

    Calle 81, Bogota, Bogotá, Colombia
    3.19 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    4 reviews

    A lovely mall that is open late. A lot of the youth will be here late nights on weekends just hanging out, eating fast food or enjoying the Juan Valdez Cafe.

    Popular withFamilies
  • 14
    1.98 mi

    Iglesia De Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

    Iglesia De Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, Calle 63, Bogotá, Colombia
    1.98 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    3 reviews

    The church here is old and at the time I was visiting it was in the process of being rebuilt. It is located in the Chapinero area of Bogotá right off of Calle 63 Transmilenio station. This is not quite the top of the tourist destinations for tourists, but rather a place where the locals go to just hang out. ...

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  • 15
    1.74 mi

    Plaza de Bolivar

    Carrera 8, Bogotá, Colombia
    1.74 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    3 reviews

    There is so much to do and see around the plaza and great people (and llama!) watching. Wear good walking shoes.

    Popular withLocalHistoryBudget
  • 16
    3.94 mi


    Calle 67A, Bogota, Colombia
    3.94 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    3 reviews

    An intersting "cultural" area of the Bogotá. In this area there are a lot clubs and bars. They are not the fancy and fun ones, but where you will find everyday Colombians. It is odd because just a few blocks away is a whole different story. There are a lot of places to eat around here, if you are looking ...

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  • 17
    4.3 mi

    Bogota Ciclovia

    Carrera 7, Bogota
    4.3 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    2 reviews

    If you're in Bogota on a Sunday, get out and walk around the city from 7AM-2PM. Check your hotel or hostel for the potential to rent a bike.

  • 18
    3.79 mi

    Maloka Museum

    Sauzalito, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
    3.79 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    2 reviews

    Very interactive science museum designed for children, but just as enjoyable for adults. Plenty of cool exhibits that demand physical touch and interaction to experience first hand the many wonders of the natural world. It is a great place to visit with or without kids.

    Popular withFamilies
  • 19
    2.19 mi

    Sanctuario Virgen de Guadalupe

    Turbay Ayala, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
    2.19 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    2 reviews

    better view than Monserrate. deserves to go

    Popular withDesign
  • 20
    3.67 mi

    Parque El Virrey

    Calle 88, Bogota, Colombia
    3.67 mi from El Cafecito Cafe Hostal
    2 reviews

    Beautiful large Park near Calle 90, a posh area of the city. Pass through here a lot after visiting my friend at work. The park has more trees than most open field parks and is an ideal place for people to walk their dogs. There is biking trails here as well as a place to exercise with public exercise equipment ...

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