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    Mary Q.
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    3 Mar 14, 2013

    El Segundo's a quaint little place if you're talking about the downtown strip. They have a weekly farmer's market and little restaurants lining Main. It's a quiet area and life moves slowly. Then there are the areas where the businesses have taken over and it's a hub of activity in the daytime, with workers milling about on breaks throughout the day. Not the most exciting place and you pretty much only get restaurants and a few shops here. Not much in the way of entertainment.

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    Leigh Virkus
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    3 Jan 14, 2013

    Visited here mostly for work but liked the location being in the Santa Monica Bay area. Part of the greater Los Angles area and is easy to get to.

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  • El Segundo
    Matthew Immenschuh
    5 Jul 04, 2013

    Love this town!

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  • El Segundo
    5 Jul 30, 2012

    great place 2 be now :))))))))))

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