El Segundo

4 reviews

El Segundo's a quaint little place if you're talking about the downtown strip. They have a weekly farmer's market and little restaurants lining Main. It's a quiet area and life moves slowly. Then there are the areas where the businesses have taken over and it's a hub of activity in the daytime, with workers milling about on breaks throughout the ...

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    Manhattan Beach

    34 reviews

    this is a laid back beach town where the locals go. there's a lot of local cafes, pubs, and restaurants around the pier. a very nice spot for sunset watching.

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    Hermosa Beach

    20 reviews

    Hermosa Beach is in its own world - people leave their doors unlocked, barbecues on rooftops overlooking the ocean are standard weekday events, and the community is small enough that everyone seems to know everyone. Bikes are the main form of transportation (good luck finding a parking spot for your car), so renting one for the day is definitely a ...

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    Playa del Rey

    1 review


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    4 reviews

    Like Inglewood close to LAX. Here are many budget hotels no major sights to my knowledge.

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    Marina del Rey

    20 reviews

    This is a real nice area to visit. The places to eat, the boats and the water combine to give a sense that you are in some small coastal town not an extension of the LA area.

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    5 reviews

    Our plane was leaving very early in the morning. Inglewood is nearby LAX airport and we found a good and cheap hotel there.

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    Culver City

    16 reviews

    Culver city is definitely a diamond in the rough. There's not much to do except what downtown culver has to offer. They have 2 hour free parking the garages which is awesome to take advantage of.

  • 10

    West Hollywood

    37 reviews

    My heat lies true here. Home of my soul, the best that pumps my blood. West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.

  • 11

    Beverly Hills

    60 reviews

    If you have never been to Beverly Hills, the first thing to be aware of is that it's so much more than just Rodeo Drive. This tendency toward stereotypes is one of the biggest problem's with L.A.'s image in general. One little detail overpowers everything else and people miss out on the rest. Public art is one thing that I ...

  • 12

    Long Beach

    58 reviews

    I've worked in Long Beach since 2004. I'm here M-F and I've spend a lot of time looking for food around here. I've never lived here and LB has never really given me much reason to. Instead, I commute about 45-60mins every day to get here. CITY: Despite the imagery placed in my head by all the LBC talk from ...

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    49 reviews

    It's what everyone thinks Los Angeles is from TV. Great place for people watching. Not the easiest place to get to, but well worth it. Surfing is pretty good here as well if the conditions are right.

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    6 reviews

    Great place to meet people. :)

  • 15

    Los Angeles

    497 reviews

    Traffic is the worst. Beaches. Hiking. Food. If you're into architecture check out John Lautners houses in Southern California.

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    6 reviews

    I grew up in Gardena and I must say that although it is not the largest or most popular city in the South Bay, it definitely has a lot of delicious food joints. Every time I visit, I try to buy all my favorite foods before leaving back to West LA. My favorite taco truck in Gardena is El Antojito. ...

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    Monterey Park

    4 reviews

    Come here for all the wonderful Chinese restaurants! This is the real Chinatown!!! Get your Chinese food craving here satisfied!

  • 18


    3 reviews

    pleasant southern CA breeze!!!and great beaches.

  • 19

    West Los Angeles

    42 reviews

    great beach 2 go now :))))

  • 20

    Studio City

    4 reviews

    On the up and up, nice and peaceful without quite having that valley stench

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