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    • Matt Joseph commented on this trip
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    • Pro 2014
      . Troy commented on this trip

      Why does Gogobot think Montevideo is a clothing store, rather than a city, out of interest?

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    • Becky M. recommended Colonia del Sacramento
      Colonia is a beautiful colonial town across the La Plata river from Buenos Aires. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the historic buildings are in fantastic shape (though with an attractive patina ... read more
      of age -- this isn't like a colonial Disneyland of perfect buildings). Many people told us that they thought Colonia was boring, but because we are both photographers, we really loved it there. There was plenty to do and see for the day we were there, but I can see how a longer visit (over 48 hours) might get a little boring.
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    • Chivitos MarcosMontevideo, Uruguay
      Becky M. recommended Chivitos Marcos
      The chivito is Uruguay's national steak sandwich, and it is awesome. Chivitos Marcos has several locations in Montevideo and in Punta del Este, and was recommended to us by a concierge at our hotel. ... read more
      It's definitely where the locals eat -- nothing touristy about it -- and luckily for vegetarians (me!), they have a veggie patty option, so everyone can enjoy this amazing sandwich. They're big and contain a lot -- my husband's steak sandwich included meat, ham, a fried egg, sauteed vegetables, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and probably at least a few other things I'm forgetting. If you are in Uruguay, you have to find a place with a good chivito, and you should wash it down with some Paso de los Toros, Uruguay's version of grapefruit soda.
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      Becky M.

      Go to Montevideo and have a chivito at Marcos! (I think they have locations in Punta del Este too)

    • Plaza MayorPlaza Mayor, Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay
    • CasapuebloCarlos Páez Vilaró, Uruguay

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