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    Charlie Kuhn
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    5 Jul 05, 2012

    I really enjoy Ellicott City. There is alot to see there. It is rich in history. There are museums, monuments, ghost tours, railroads, antique shops, fine resturaunts and clubs. There are numerous bike and walking paths that go through the town along the Patapsco River. There is also a modern day castle that you can see from Fredrick Rd., right before you go up Main St.. As far as homes in Ellicott City, you have the very old brick houses just off of Main St. but the most impressive homes are the single family homes throughout the town. They are large to say the least. They are very expensive and property tax is ridiculous. Ellicott City is in Howard County, Md. and I believe they are trying to get to the number one spot of richest county in the state. The spot belongs to Montgomery Co.Md. So Ellicott City is a great place to visit, but an expensive place to live.

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