Empire Hotel

44 West 63rd St., New York, NY 10023
9 reviews

The Empire is a Manhattan Roaring hot 20s spot with killer rooftop views from its popular bar and sleek lobby. It could use a bit of touching up; however, this used to be the place to be for locals about 3-4 years ago, before Gossip Girl promoted it on its show and it became a bit cheesy afterwards.

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  • 81
    2.78 mi

    The Spotted Pig

    2.78 mi from Empire Hotel
    39 reviews

    Happy anniversary to the Spotted Pig. I've been wanting to visit April Bloomfield's gastropub for years, but a two-to-three hour wait was always a deterrent. To celebrate ten years, they accepted reservations for two weeks. Most people order the massive burger, but absolutely everything you can fit on your tiny table is delicious.

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  • 82
    3.43 mi

    Cafe Habana

    3.43 mi from Empire Hotel
    35 reviews

    Great little place for the price. Be sure to get the grilled corn for $2 and a Corona while you're at it.

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  • 83
    2.3 mi

    Gramercy Tavern

    2.3 mi from Empire Hotel
    34 reviews

    One of the best restaurants in Manhattan. The space is beautiful, with abundant fresh flowers. The service is first-rate. And the food is delicious. You will have a memorable experience here.

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  • 84
    4.79 mi


    4.79 mi from Empire Hotel
    40 reviews

    It's a really popular place and the line will be around the corner during certain parts of the day. Honestly I think there's much better pizza out there but it's a great place to go if you want to walk the Brooklyn bridge. It's just off the bridge and super convenient to grab lunch if you're already taking that trek.

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  • 85
    3.47 mi

    The Meatball Shop - Stanton Street

    3.47 mi from Empire Hotel
    31 reviews

    MEATBALL SHOP! Most has already been said about how awesome this place is... and that's coming from a vegetarian! Every single thing I've eaten here is a delicious, the music is great, and the staff is super friendly. So, my contributions are as follows: - The staff crack me up in a different way each time. Most recently, we realized ...

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  • 86
    1.1 mi


    1.1 mi from Empire Hotel
    38 reviews

    This place is a must stop for any person visiting New York for the first time (or multiple times). What's not to love about delicious and mouth watering desserts? Although they do serve savory foods, most people come here for the desserts. When I first came to Serendipity it was about 9pm, and there was long line out the door. ...

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  • 87
    2.61 mi

    Max Brenner New York

    2.61 mi from Empire Hotel

    I cannot think of a better place to indulge the guilty pleasures of life, such as chocolate. This chocolate paradise turned restaurant provides every type of chocolate you can think of, topped by sinful ice-creams, enticing marshmallows and oh so many more. They also serve delicious dishes, to go along with the amazing desserts. My advice: make a reservation or ...

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  • 88
    2.73 mi

    Magnolia Bakery

    2.73 mi from Empire Hotel
    40 reviews

    In all fairness they are very good...but not my their lines on Bleecker Street are not worth the wait. More importantly they have multiple locations now including one in Grand Central station

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  • 89
    2.76 mi

    Momofuku Ssam Bar

    2.76 mi from Empire Hotel
    28 reviews

    One of my favorite meals in NYC! Spicy sausage and rice cakes with Chinese broccoli and fried shallots.

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  • 90
    2.84 mi


    2.84 mi from Empire Hotel
    29 reviews

    I don't much care about a chef's fame or fortune, but I do love me some good Italian food. Mario Batali's Babbo Ristorante and Enoteca serves up Italy-style Italian food: lamb's brain pasta, wild boar, gnocchi with oxtail. If you stay away from, say, the $80 duck's egg with white truffle, the prices are pretty reasonable.

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  • 91
    4.01 mi

    Joe's Shanghai Restaurant (Chinatown)

    4.01 mi from Empire Hotel
    28 reviews

    Good Shanghai soup dumplings are tough to find. Really tough. There are so many factors that all have to symbiotically exist to make a really good 'xiao long bao': (1) very thin but very strong wrapper, (2) tasty and tender meat, and most importantly, (3) lots of piping hot, oily soup inside. The best Shanghai soup dumplings I've ever had ...

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  • 92
    2.34 mi

    ABC Kitchen

    2.34 mi from Empire Hotel
    28 reviews

    Gorgeous interior... like I would love to have my bridal shower here or even my reception if that's even allowed! The decor is adorable and very gorgeous. The food was pretty good, I remember the kale salad very clearly - crunchy and zesty. I can't remember much about the service, but they were able to seat 10-12 of us perfectly ...

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  • 93
    2.82 mi

    Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

    2.82 mi from Empire Hotel
    29 reviews

    The service and attitude of the restaurant needs to be improved. It's a shame because the food is good as with all Mario Batali restaurants. The meats are really great as well as the truffle honey.

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  • 94
    4.39 mi

    Peter Luger

    4.39 mi from Empire Hotel
    31 reviews

    Bring a buddy! Porterhouse for 2 or more. Just don't order well-done (if you like meat, don't EVER do that anyway), they will sway you against it

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  • 95
    3.01 mi

    Pommes Frites

    3.01 mi from Empire Hotel
    25 reviews

    A bit overhyped in my opinion but worth trying. I loved that they offered so many different kinds of dipping sauces. Yum!

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  • 96
    3.86 mi

    Nobu New York

    3.86 mi from Empire Hotel
    23 reviews

    Must try, make reservation in advance.

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  • 97
    2.53 mi


    2.53 mi from Empire Hotel
    26 reviews

    After Sex and the City this place is really famous. It is a nice restaurant perfect for lunch time at outside tables if the weather allows it. It is French Bistro like style and food is a mix of French and American cuisine. The passage is interesting to observe.

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  • 98
    3.21 mi

    Red Rooster

    3.21 mi from Empire Hotel
    22 reviews

    Conveniently located right off the subway in Harlem, delicious soul food, fabulous music selection and Chef Marcus Samuelsson came by every table to ask how the food was and was incredibly friendly! I was really impressed with Red Rooster overall!

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  • 99
    3.09 mi

    Caracas Arepas Bar

    3.09 mi from Empire Hotel
    20 reviews

    Arepas: where the hell have you been all my life? How have I never heard of you? It's strange to me that something so damn good could be something I've never heard of. Caracas Arepa Bar is definitely one of the best dining experiences I've had in NY -- it's not fancy, it's not expensive, but it provides an experience ...

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  • 100
    2.35 mi

    Buddakan NY

    2.35 mi from Empire Hotel
    22 reviews

    I'm Chinese, so trust me when I say that the food here is delicious! We didn't have reservations so we grabbed a table in their swanky and dimly-lit lounge area. We ordered some lychee martinis which were fab. As for the food, everything we ate was delish! There were no leftovers to take home. Highly recommend their General Tso's dumplings, ...

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