Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

3121 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
70 reviews

really loving these rooms and the awesome view of the strip. be prepared for a bit of a wait at checkin (no seating area). spacious, upscale rooms but the minibar is a total rip. has "adult" pool area as well.

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    0.2 mi

    The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

    0.2 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    49 reviews

    The Wynn Buffet was delicious! I went here for dinner and it was $43 after taxes. I think it was really worth the money. I stayed here with my friends for almost 3 hours and ate a great variety of food. I loved the king crab legs and the oysters here. I got plate after plate of king crab legs ...

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  • 2
    0.17 mi

    The Barrymore

    0.17 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    7 reviews

    wow. I was like where are u taking u?!? hidden in the royal resort is a tasty vegas restaurant I would have nevr guessed. Ordered the sea bass and the lobster mac and cheese and it was delicious! oh and the parmesan chips are addicting! cant wait to go back

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  • 3
    0.08 mi

    Tacos El'gordo

    0.08 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    6 reviews

    So you've made it rain at the Wynn and/or Encore, and now you're starvin' like Marvin (who is this guy, anyway?). Now what? Well, you have the choice of 1) spending more money on food at the restaurants inside either hotel or 2) head a little further down The Strip and get your taco here. I'm sure the latter is ...

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  • 4
    0.16 mi

    Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare

    0.16 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

    Amazingly fresh seafood, flown in from all over the world. Forget about the carbon footprint and just dive in.

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  • 5
    0.11 mi

    Society Cafe

    0.11 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    7 reviews

    On my last trip I strolled through the Encore and stumbled upon this place during happy hour. I have to say they have some delightful happy hour specials and offerings! They make some interesting but delicious mojitos (although I question the actual alcohol content in them ...) and they have a good selection of beers, bites and entrees to share. ...

  • 6
    0.23 mi

    Terrace Pointe Cafe

    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    5 reviews

    Hungry for something filling, hearty, and delicious but don't want to hurt your wallet? Do you want to enjoy a nice ambiance or a decent view without booking a top tier fine dining establishment? Terrace Pointe Cafe is a good choice for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Their seating is casual but quite nice. Their outside seating faces the beautiful pool ...

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  • 7
    0.23 mi

    Maggiano's Little Italy

    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    5 reviews

    Great food and excellent service every time we've been here.

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  • 8
    0.25 mi


    0.25 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    3 reviews

    In a shiny little pavilion outside the Fashion Show mall, this burger shop is one of my faves for Stripside people watching and a quick bite. The atomic chili cheese fries will fill you and your kids up, and you can order a bucket of beer or a liquor-spiked milkshake if you've got the whole gang with you. It's often ...

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  • 9
    0.07 mi

    Espressamente Illy @Palazzo

    0.07 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    3 reviews

    This is the one inside Palazzo; really convenient location and according to its website it was the first US Espressamente Illy. There's now quote a few locations around the US; I'm so glad I can enjoy it in SF! They have a wide variety of pastries and bakery selections, breakfast and lunch panini, soups and salads, and 54 gelato flavors! ...

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  • 10
    0.21 mi

    SW Steakhouse

    0.21 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    5 reviews

    Decent steakhouse, but not the "best of the best' as Wynn is outspoken about. The steaks were cooked well, but the meat quality is mediocre. Their rib-eye was a bit fatty and had too many tendons. It didn't taste like a well-aged steak. Their sides were excellent as were other dishes, such as their scallops and oysters. Overall I would ...

  • 11
    0.19 mi

    Daniel Boulud

    0.19 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    3 reviews

    The Daniel Boulud Brasserie actually closed earlier this year during spring 2010 but it was a great, solid establishment. They had a nice pre-fix menu daily for $49 before 6:30PM and served some of Boulud's delicious signature dishes.a

  • 12
    0.22 mi

    Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside

    0.22 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

    I really enjoy this place! Something that you have to really experience to appreciate!!

  • 13
    0.05 mi


    0.05 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    2 reviews

    This place is phenomenal. I am extremely skeptical of asian restaurants that try to do multiple cuisines under one roof, but absolutely everything we had here was delicious from the sushi to the tom yum and dim sum. They can do no wrong....except take no reservations.

  • 14
    0.23 mi


    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    2 reviews

    Dinned hear for my last night in Las Vegas. I sat at the bar and had a great bartender (my cousin), who introduced me to their steak, with greens. It was an unbelievable combination. I hear their pizza is also pretty good, but I didn't attempt it after trying to topple their steak.

  • 15
    0.23 mi


    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    2 reviews

    Whilst seeking out a place for a very late dinner, we stumbled in here since Terrace Cafe was closed. Although they're well known for their pastrami sandwich, I of course took the plate less traveled and opted for their special that night, which was the pot roast. Jackpot hit! A generous portion of it served up with mashed potatoes and ...

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  • 16
    0.23 mi

    The Café at the Drugstore

    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    2 reviews

    I drunkenly ate my friend's food so I can't comment on the price and can't guarantee that my perception at the time was accurate. But the mac and cheese was so good!!! That's all I remember about this place. Friend confirmed that the mac and cheese was good. I will come back here next time I go to XS...!

  • 17
    0.23 mi

    Le Reve at Wynn Las Vegas

    0.23 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    1 review

    Beautiful show; loved the intimate settling. Reminds me of O show but the stage is a round circular shape; lot smaller & more intimate feeling making you feel like you're closer to the stage. Vivid & passionate colors used throughout this show. Loved the beautiful flowers that bloom at the end of the show. Highly recommend this show; this is ...

  • 18
    0.22 mi

    Wing Lei

    0.22 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    1 review

    The Wynn’s Michelin-starred standout has undergone a dramatic makeover, replacing its deep, formal reds with colors evoking traditional Chinese jewelry: bright white, gold, and jade greens. Every detail is symbolic, such as the custom cloud-motif carpet designed after the embroidery of an Imperial jacket from the Ming period. The décor even influenced some new dishes on the Cantonese-Shanghainese-Szechuan menu, such ...

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  • 19
    0.19 mi

    Lakeside - Wynn Las Vegas

    0.19 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    1 review

    Great Service and Food. We sat at the bar because we wanted to eat something quick before going out clubbing. The service was great, very friendly. We shared the lobster mac and cheese and the 20 oz bone in rib-eye. Both were delicious. Lobster mac and cheese was rich and creamy and the bone in rib-eye was perfectly cooked and ...

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  • 20
    0.05 mi


    0.05 mi from Encore At Wynn Las Vegas
    1 review

    Located in the Wynn Las Vegas. Not only one of the prettiest restaurants I've been too, but the most romantic. Get a table outside for dinner to watch the water/music show that comes on every 15 minutes. You must request this when you make the reservation. Service is great, food is spectacular. It's that kind of place where the starters, ...

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