Going to Syracuse, Sicily

Jun 21, 2013 - Jun 24, 2013

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Planning a 4 days trip to Syracuse. Any suggestions on stuff to do?

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    • Trattoria dl Crocifisso da BaglieriVia Principe Umberto, 46, 96017 Noto, Province of Syracuse, Italy
      Barbara Kossy recommended Trattoria dl Crocifisso da Baglieri
      I'll be ever thankful to a friend who opened his guidebook and lead me here for one of the best meals in Italy ever. We entered the small cool restaurant, thankful for air conditioning after walking ... read more
      the hot sunny streets of Noto. My friend took photos of everything he ate, while I just savored every bite of a superb lunch. They serve tantalizing arancino di riso, I do remember that. And I might have had the lentil soup. I do know that every taste was amazing and the service courteous and professional. The chef even popped out at lunch to greet everyone in the small room. Yes, I'd go back there in a heart beat. It's an easy 7 min. walk from the main pedestrian street of Noto.
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      Barbara Kossy

      A meal here is a great reason to go to Noto.

    • Barbara Kossy recommended Noto
      A great place for an architectural walk. It's easy to negotiate and the buildings are special. Not as old as other Italian towns, but still dramatic and eye catching.
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      Barbara Kossy

      Stop in Noto if you get the chance.

    • Sea Kayak Maremotu - Sea Kayak SicilyC/o Circolo Canoa Catania, Porto di Catania, Molo di Levante, 95100 Catania, Province of Catania, Italy
      Barbara Kossy recommended Sea Kayak Maremotu - Sea Kayak Sicily
      Francesco Petralia offers sea kayaking tours and lessons. He's a geologist, so his tours are full of information on the history and formation of the island itself. He's a smart and personable guide ... read more
      with excellent English. This year he's leading a staged circumnavigation of the entire island of Sicily. You can kayak the whole thing, or just a segment.
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      Barbara Kossy

      Check in with Francesco. He might be able to take you kayaking in the gorgeous waters around Syracuse, or maybe even a hike on Mt. Etna!

    • OrtygiaOrtygia, Syracuse 96100, Italy
      Pro 2014
      Alex recommended Ortygia
      Technically Ortygia is an island next to Syracuse on Sicily, but it's a really, really close island. And it's also thousands of years old. Settled by Greeks in their heyday, Ortygia is filled with ... read more
      ancient temples and narrow windy streets, as well as modern restaurants and trendy bars.
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    • Pro 2014
      Alex recommended Syracuse
      One of my favorite towns in Sicily, Syracuse is the perfect mix of the typical Greek ancient ruins of Sicily, a charming downtown reminiscent of a mainland hill town, the great restaurants and food ... read more
      Italy is known for, and the perfect location in the middle of the Mediterranean.
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    • Phede Zen commented on this list

      I suggest you visit the island of Ortigia, the historical center with its beautiful cathedral.

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    • commented on this list

      Plan a side trip to Sicilian baroque town Notto.

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    • Il DuomoPiazza Duomo, Siracusa 96100, Italy

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