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    • Alexandros HotelPlatis Gialos, 84003, Greece
      Pro 2014
      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) recommended Alexandros Hotel
      I love the feel at this charming hotel. Bougainvillea everywhere, the blue and white exterior so familiar to many who go to the islands. The hotel is modern but, not so modern that it lacks ... read more
      personality. It is really comfortable,a big plus in Greece where, the beds are notoriously uncomfortable. Right on the beach, you won't have to travel far for restaurants and bars, they are right there. There won't be the insane nightlife that Mykonos is famous for but, a real Greek Island vibe in a hotel that is cute and a great value.
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      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)

      It has a pool and a pool bar!! It really does have everything you need and the great thing is you'll be able to walk two minutes to anyplace you want to go. I would highly recommend renting a vespa and exploring the island, there are some beautiful beaches that need to be seen.

    • Pro 2014
      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) recommended Sifnaika Konakia Traditional Settlements
      Such a great place if you are traveling with friends and family! These apartments have been around since I was a kid, going with my own family and later as an adult with my friends has made staying ... read more
      here special for totally different reasons. The owners take pride in the property and as residents of the island. Eager to assist with tours , restaurant recommendations and activities, you can trust where they send you, no hesitation. Of course, it has been remodeled into a comfortable , large, great alternative to a traditional hotel. It isn't directly on the beach so you will be looking at a 10 minute walk into town. The upside to that? It is on a hill with an awesome view of the bay. Some of the best pictures I got while there, were at sunrise and sunset.The apartments also have air-conditioning, the most important thing you'll ever need in the summer, on a Greek Island!
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      Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)

      This place is really great if you are looking for a laid-back apartment that is really inexpensive. It has everything a hotel would have but with a lot more space. If you are coming in by ferry contact the owners and they will pick you up and no cost.