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Mar 04, 2013 - Mar 07, 2013

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I going to Houston again on a business trip. Company HQ is Downtown and that's where I'll be for the duration. The NBA Houston Rockets are in town (against Philly) on the 22nd and there's always good beer to be had at the Flying Saucer. What else might be interesting to do in the evening and where is an interesting place for Dinner that I may not know about?

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I'll be returning to the Bayou City next Month for a Business Trip. I'll fly into Hobby and then drive all the way out to around Westheimer and Highway 6. I'm interested in any decent restaurant recommendations. Anything from Burgers and Beer, through Tex-Mex, BBQ, and Above are Welcome.

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    • Empire Cafe1732 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098
      Meg Brooker recommended Empire Cafe
      Great brunch and fun drink list.
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      Meg Brooker

      Like this place for brunch, but they have a fun cafe menu for lunch and dinner-- not really a burger place but the beer list is good.

      For BBQ, the Dickey's on Westheimer is popular these days--

    • Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant5923 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057
      Ramona Flume recommended Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant
      There is no shortage of great Mexican food in Houston, but Ninfa's is something of an institution. For years, locals have been raised on Mama Ninfa's classic Mexican dishes, like the famous fajitas ... read more
      (truly mouthwatering and served with homemade tortillas) and visitors can now experience the authentic cuisine at one of several locations in town. The festive interior and friendly staff create the ideal atmosphere for family gatherings, decadent brunches or rowdy happy hours.
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      Ramona Flume

      This is my favorite Mexican food in Houston! There's a handful of locations, so I would look up whichever is closest to your hotel.

    • Meg Brooker commented on this list

      Love Dharma Cafe too--especially for brunch. Lots of places near White Oak opening as well--

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    • Pro 2014
      Eric Brink commented on this list

      Thanks Meg. I almost forgot about Washington Avenue. I think I've been to Catalina Coffee before and remember a nice dinner I had a few years ago at the Dharma Cafe. there's also that cool Wabash store...I'm also perfectly happy to enjoy a good glass of wine over a beer.

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    • Catalina Coffee2201 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas
      Meg Brooker recommended Catalina Coffee
      Catalina Coffee is the place to go if you are serious about your morning cup of java. Intimate setting on Washington in Houston's 6th Ward, Catalina is a great place to relax with the finest brewed ... read more
      beans around. Generally quiet and a good place to read or work (but be aware that this is one coffee shop without wifi).
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      Meg Brooker

      Love the coffee here-- also, lots of restaurants on Washington Street-- good area to check out if you are looking for more dining options.

    • Cova Hand - Selected Wines5555 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX
      Meg Brooker recommended Cova Hand - Selected Wines
      If you are a wine connoisseur, check out Cova. Menu features over 50 wines by the glass that rotate and the food is divine. Love the beet salad and the roasted brussel sprouts. Make reservations for ... read more
      the Wednesday wine tasting. Great selection of cheeses as well. Check out website for regional happy hour themes. Truly educational wine experience.
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      Meg Brooker

      Cova is a great option if you are looking to branch away from beers--

    • Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar1050 Studewood Street
      Meg Brooker recommended Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar
      Great new restaurant in The Heights. Seafood restaurant with both Northeaster and Cajun influences, The Liberty serves up more than just oysters. The gumbo is great, and packed with fried oysters, and ... read more
      the ceviche is equally tasty. Love pairing seafood with local craft brews.
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      Meg Brooker

      Good beers and good seafood-- this place is still fairly new, so expect a wait--

    • Helene Miller recommended Lake Las Vegas
      Lake Las Vegas is a great quiet place. It's really beautiful. I was there last week and they had a skating platform for the younger ones, on the lake.
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      Helene Miller

      If you don't like to drink and gamble, you can play golf. I like to eat at Tommy Bahamas. You'll find one restaurant at the very nice outdoor shopping centre (the only one) near the airport. I just can't recall the name of the place.

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