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    13 reviews

    fOR SHOPPING mostly,there is much to buy with less money.How wonderful

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    Rock-Hewn Churches

    6 reviews

    The most famous sights of Ethiopia, the UNESCO protected 12th Century churches are carved into steep stone sides. Navigate a network of trenches and alcoves to get into each narrow hollow dingy altar to witness religious rituals. Elderly faces wrapped in white muslin cloth, creased like walnut shells, sway in prayer. Robed priests bear precious ceremonial crosses and bells toll. ...

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    Fasil Ghebbi

    5 reviews

    لاتعليق المكان يعبر عن نفسه تاريخ حافل

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    Mago National Park

    2 reviews

    Serious wilderness and home to the colourful Surma tribe.

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    Omo National Park

    2 reviews

    African wilderness not to be missed. Home to the fascinating Mursi tribe.

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  • 6

    Lower Valley of the Omo

    2 reviews

    The tribal diversity here may be unmatched anywhere. It is a shame to see the river being dammed, by a government that is putting money ahead of everything else.

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  • 7

    Simien Mountains National Park

    2 reviews

    The ‘Roof of Africa’ encompasses UNESCO World Heritage Simien National Park. Trek or drive through rocketing rugged Amethyst-tainted peaks and plummeting canyons, spot the 4th highest mountain of Africa - Ras Dashen (4543m) and get close to a gamut of wildlife such as Gelada primate with it’s ‘bleeding heart.’ Majestic scenes greet the brave who scale heights to the edge, ...

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    Aksumite Stelae

    2 reviews

    Once the capital of Africa’s oldest empires, Axum city is cited from 400BC. Littered with UNESCO Heritage sites including famous Stelae; granite monoliths from pre-Christian times, decorated with symbolic engravings. This former centre of the Axumite kingdom acted as connecting point of Africa to Asia for nearly 1000 years. Archaeological sights & hidden treasures are yet to be discovered, archaeologists ...

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  • 9

    Simien National Park

    2 reviews

    The scenery is nothing short of amazing and the wildlife is unforgettable. You can take multi-day trekking trips in these incredible mountains where you'll most likely run into huge troops of endemic gelada monkeys, possibly see bearded vultures, and if you're really, really lucky Nubian ibex or Simien wolves. Even if you aren't a wildlife buff the hiking alone is ...

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  • 10

    Archaeological Museum

    2 reviews

    Worth a visit if you are in Aksum. Provides a relatively succinct overview of the history of Aksum and the major sights.

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  • 11

    St. Mary of Zion Churches

    2 reviews

    The Ark of the Covenant, chest of tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written, according to the Bible, has historically travelled some distance. Now it’s widely believed to be held in the Chapel of the Tablet, adjoining the 16th Century stone built St Mary of Zion Church. No-one is allowed to see the religious relic which is kept under ...

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  • 12

    Saint George Interior Decoration And Art Gallery

    2 reviews

    Lovely well-curated collection of local handy crafts and art. This is a one stop shop for souvenirs that won't end up in your closet at the end of the trip. Paintings, jewelry, wooden furniture, etc.

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    Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

    2 reviews

    Said to contain the original Ark of the Covenant

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    1 review

    Mek'ele (Tigrinya: መቐለ?, Amharic: መቀሌ?, Italian: Macallè), also transliterated as Makale, is a city in northern Ethiopia and the capital of the Tigray Region. It is located some 780 kilometers north of the capital, Addis Ababa, at latitude and longitude WikiMiniAtlas 13°29′N 39°28′E / 13.483°N 39.467°E / 13.483; 39.467Coordinates: Click the blue globe to open an interactive map. 13°29′N 39°28′E ...

  • 15

    Konso Cultural Landscape

    1 review

    A walk through a village in the UNESCO Konso landscape is eye-opening. Stone-walled fortifications house villagers in a tradition dating back 400 years, Ankle-deep in mud, relentless flies pick at the eyes of countless young children running around naked. Each community is enclosed and tightly knit, displaying social cohesion and shared values. Thatched mud huts provide shelter as parents, children ...

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    1 review

    home of gangs

  • 17

    Palace of Abba Jiffar

    1 review

    A palace made of wood by an African king. Very different than anything we had seen or even imagined. Well with a visit.

  • 18

    Blue Nile Falls

    1 review

    Trekkers and adventurers will delight in the majestic scenes of wilderness unfolding along the walk and boat crossing en route to ‘Tis Abay’ in Amharic. Several streams filter over dramatic boulders, providing a much-needed refreshing spray. Neighbouring the falls, Ethiopia’s first stone bridge dating back to the 16th Century makes a daring crossing. Look out for a hauntingly beautiful boy, ...

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  • 19

    Ethiopian coffee ceremony

    1 review

    Coffee is a serious business in the ‘birthplace of the bean.’ It’s offering signifies great respect. On visiting any Ethiopian home, the ceremony begins. Beans are first roasted before guests on hot coal. They’re then brought to guests for the aroma to be appreciated. The woman of the household then grinds them by pestle and mortar before pouring into a ...

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  • 20

    Hamer tribe market in Southern Ethiopia's jungle

    1 review

    Turmi and Key Afer markets are fiercely local in every sense. Hamer tribes converge to browse vegetables and household goods spread on cloths on the dusty soil. Hamer women feature tightly knit braided hair covered in red earth and butter, which seeps onto rich coffee skin. Breasts are exposed, as are backs, which bear deep scars of pre-wedding ritual slashings. ...

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