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  • 1

    Eiffel Tower

    1498 reviews

    Yep, ya gotta visit. I was lucky to come 5 minutes before 7pm (I think), and right on the hour, the Eiffel Tower lights up and does a little light show. It sparkles like diamonds. I'm not sure of the time it does this anymore, but you'd be safe going on the hour after dark (try 8 pm?). I didn't ...

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  • 2

    Louvre Museum

    710 reviews

    TIP1: First Sunday of every month admission is free TIP2: There's a side entrance to the louvre, you can avoid the long line to get in My time in Paris was limited so I didn't stay at the museum for more than 3hours... the place is so loud I got lost. I think the place is great, it was just ...

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  • 3

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    573 reviews

    Beautiful place to visit. Come with comfy shors if you're going to go up to see the magnificent view!

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  • 4

    London Eye

    567 reviews

    I highly recommend this to anyone who's visiting London or to anyone who already lives there and hasn't tried going onto the large wheel. The sights you'll see up high are amazing and well worth the amount you pay for the ticket. The ticket is a day pass, so you can buy it early morning and then come back later ...

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  • 5

    Arc de Triomphe

    574 reviews

    Very nice to look at. Think twice about the stairs walking up. There are better view of the city with out the tight narrow stairs.

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  • 6


    507 reviews

    It's gorgeous, overwhelming and breathtaking and is one of those most photographed and recognized buildings in the world. Believe me when I tell you that a visit to the Colosseum will not disappoint. I had wanted to see the Colosseum since I was a little girl and when I finally took a trip to Rome, I was absolutely overcome with ...

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  • 7

    La Sagrada Família

    434 reviews

    I can’t imagine seeing Sagrada Familia not being under construction in my lifetime. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s amazing as it is, and it’s such a rewarding feeling to see it with your own eyes. You can’t stop admiring every little part of this incredible work of art. Being inside, gives you a feeling of partaking in some kind ...

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  • 8

    Tower Bridge

    451 reviews

    Worth braving the wind across the river, because no trip to London is complete without some shots of this landmark bridge.

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  • 9

    Avenue des Champs-Élysees

    451 reviews

    This bustling street is always a fun place to walk and see the sights and people of Paris. Prices are generally higher here but the window shopping is free!

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  • 10

    Trevi Fountain

    398 reviews

    This place is always packed! But for good reason. It's kind of one of those "must sees" when in Rome. If you go at sunset, it is absolutely stunning to see the shift between day and night. It's a whole other type of gorgeous in the evening. When you go make sure you know the traditions. First have 2 pennies ...

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  • 11

    Big Ben

    389 reviews

    One of my favorite parts of London. I couldn't get enough views of this iconic monument. Just wish you could go up inside it.

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  • 12


    320 reviews

    While the historic river flows lazily through the city, you'll always find some excitement on its banks. Most of the major attractions aren't far from the water.

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  • 13

    Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

    318 reviews

    The Basilica of Sacred Heart has an interesting story. It was constructed during the 19th Century during the aftermath of the failed Paris Commune of 1871. The conservative government wanted to build a symbol of traditional forces in French live and chose to do so in Montmartre, the most radical of French neighborhoods. The structure itself commands the hill overlooking ...

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  • 14

    Park Güell

    282 reviews

    This is an dreamy, fantastical, and eclectic park designed by Gaudy in the early 1900s. It's definitely worth at least a half-day of wandering to explore the colorful and strange structures that Gaudy dreamt up. Entrance to the park is free though if you want to check out Gaudi's home/museum, La Torre Rosada, there is a fee. For a gorgeous ...

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  • 15

    Disneyland Paris

    294 reviews

    This is the place for fans of Disney and children. We spent 3 days inside and could spent three more. I would have given it a 5 star if it was possible to eat better than the snack bars around. There were better restaurants, but you have to pay big bucks for that. Well, we didn´t go to Disneyland to ...

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  • 16

    Trafalgar Square

    303 reviews

    As a tourist I visited this area, but it doesn't take much time to see. Enjoyed the national museum behind it though, which was free to get into.

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  • 17


    235 reviews

    Hey, it's the Pantheon. You've seen this in every collage that exists of Rome, I'm sure. It should be noted that it is free and pretty cool, considering how old it is. It is also the building of which I won a bet on-- there ARE no straight lines used in the building of the Pantheon! The architects added slight ...

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  • 18

    Tower of London

    246 reviews

    See the Beefeaters, see the legendary Tower, see the eerie ravens... A great trip, just beside the Monument and bordering the Thames.

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  • 19

    Las Ramblas

    281 reviews

    Iconic area of Barcelona with plenty of movement. There are lots of great cafes, shops, and bistrots to enjoy while people watching

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  • 20

    Musee d'Orsay

    223 reviews

    Saw the Van Gogh and Artaud exhibit which was great! I also loved the impressionists collection. Same advice as everyone, go early if you want to beat the crowds.

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