Fahey/Klein Gallery

148 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States
1 review

I was invited to another art gallery's opening reception. So, we came to check out some of the works of Phil Stern photographs. Another good gallery on La Brea. Parking: Street metered parking. Here is more about Phil Stern: I had an opportunity to get my picture taken with him. He was wearing an oxygen mask and sitting in ...

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    0.24 mi

    Merry Karnowsky Gallery

    0.24 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    4 reviews

    Came here for the reception for the Vivian Maier exhibit hosted by Tim Roth. Here is more information about Vivian: Parking: Metered street parking. The rsvp line is extremely long for receptions. So be prepared to wait in the Ca winter. Pro-tip 1: Please rsvp with the gallery. The security guys would not let anyone in unless they were ...

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  • 2
    0.22 mi

    American Rag Cie

    0.22 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    3 reviews

    They have shoes and clothing for men and women. There is a vintage section and a section for all new stuff. I love the Denim bar! They even have a small department for jean alteration where you can do anything to renew an old paid of jeans from removing or adding pockets to changing the stitching or closures. And after ...

  • 3
    0.04 mi

    Buffalo Exchange

    0.04 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    2 reviews

    After having a great lunch in the area with my friend, she still needed an ugly sweater for her dinner party later that evening. The store is not that large, but they have racks and racks of clothes for women and men. There are also shoes. They have some high end goods behind the counter, which is where Trina D ...

  • 4
    0.14 mi

    New Beverly Cinema

    0.14 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    1 review
  • 5
    0.12 mi

    Nick Metropolis-The King Of Collectable Furniture

    0.12 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    1 review

    Such an unique not-so-hidden gem located in Hollywood! Nick Metropolis, the owner, has been collecting furnitures and antique from all over for 22years. You won't find majority of these unique treasures anywhere. It is a fun place to photoshoot or look for some fun furnitures or props for parties and shops. He has a table in the shade with things ...

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  • 6
    0.79 mi

    The Grove

    0.79 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    125 reviews

    Great shopping center with standard high end places to eat. Really pretty atmosphere and pretty sure they film extra! here too.

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  • 7
    0.95 mi

    Farmers Market

    0.95 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    51 reviews

    There are local framers markets listed in our guest book. Some are walking distance form the house. One of my favorites overlooks the ocean , you can shop with the dolphins! We even offer the Farmers Market cookbook for your use. The LA Farmers Market, advertised here, is quite a treat and beside a great upscale shopping center

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  • 8
    0.68 mi

    melrose avenue

    0.68 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    16 reviews

    who cant love melrose? from zulu to the upscale sushi restaurants to Betsy Johnson..It is all good

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  • 9
    0.91 mi

    El Rey Theatre

    0.91 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    11 reviews

    Came here for my first country music concert - Kip Moore. GREAT Concert! PROS: * Small, intimate concert hall * Great decor * large bar area CONS: * Small bathroom (3 or 4 stalls) * Typical tho: expensive drinks * Lack of sitting area This place is great for small concerts, but there needs to be more bathrooms and at ...

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  • 10
    0.9 mi

    Busby's East

    0.9 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    13 reviews

    Not busy during weekday nights. Make sure to have ID, it is 21 and over to get in since it is a bar. They have a variety of snacks and food that range from fried foods to mexican food. Lots of room inside with a dance floor for those busy weekend nights. They have a nice room for games like ...

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  • 11
    0.66 mi

    The Groundlings Comedy Theater

    0.66 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    9 reviews

    I used to drive by this place every day on my way to work and always thought it was a private preschool or kindergarten. Little did I know! It's actually an improv troupe that's been around since the 70s, and it's fostered many well-known comedians and actors like Jack Black, Jimmy Falon, Conan O'Brien, Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph. The ...

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    0.58 mi

    Gallery 1988

    0.58 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    3 reviews

    This gallery is specifically Gallery 1988 East. They have another one with the same name about 4 blocks away on Melrose (same street) Don't get confused like I did! Originally they were right next to Golden Apple Comics but they moved across the street. I've been here before for Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters show (amazing) Recently came again to ...

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  • 13
    0.65 mi

    Pan Pacific Park

    0.65 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    3 reviews

    This is a very nice park. It's a very big park and there's lots of areas for people to have parties and barbecues. This park is right next to the GROVE so you can always walk to the grove also. This park can get pretty packed on a nice day like the day I came. You can see lots of ...

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  • 14
    0.27 mi


    0.27 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    4 reviews

    Nice place to stop and get a desert. Not always the best selection and a bit over priced for my tastes but here aren't many places in Los Angeles to get just desert with out it being ice cream or cupcakes.

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  • 15
    0.75 mi


    0.75 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    2 reviews

    lots of used clothing. If you don't like it, walk around Melrose street for several great and funky stores and fun people watching

  • 16
    0.61 mi

    The Parlor Hollywood

    0.61 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    2 reviews

    I liked this place. From the outside it appeared a bit more elegant. The reality is a Sports Bar. It has a great outdoor patio and firepits and the drinks a reasonably priced.

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  • 17
    0.65 mi


    0.65 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    3 reviews

    I am a Dark Room type of gal. On any given evening any given thing can happen person may pop up and bam, entertained instantaneously. Some places have that energy, this place does... That synergy of both spontaneous combustion and alcohol makes things pop off like a cork!

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  • 18
    0.84 mi

    Snakepit Alehouse

    0.84 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    2 reviews

    Great dive bar with a comfortable atmosphere. The beer is great as there are many choices that you can take advantage off. Went there after a great event with some friends and had some great beer and played some pac man with the peeps(which I am pretty good at...:)). The staff treats you well and makes sure you are taken ...

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  • 19
    0.58 mi

    Golden Apple Comics

    0.58 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    2 reviews

    A real comic nerd's heaven, Golden Apple comics looks like a comic shop you'd see in some movie from the 80s. Certainly not as posh as the one Sheldon and the boys go to on Big Bang Theory. Not being a comic nerd myself, I just marveled at the pop culture icons I was able to recognize - such as ...

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  • 20
    0.79 mi


    0.79 mi from Fahey/Klein Gallery
    1 review

    I went shoe shopping!!

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