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Located on the south central coast of Antigua near the similarly named Falmouth Harbor exists the small city of Falmouth. This charming area was actually the first British settlement on Antigua. Because of its early establishment, Falmouth is a hotbed for fortifications. Intended to protect the island from a French invasion suspected to come at Falmouth Harbor, elevated locations like Monks Hill were the site of many forts. Ruins of these forts called Martello towers vary in current condition, but can be seen around the city. Today the area is great to explore, and provides visitors with unmatched views of the Caribbean. You’ll find a few good places to eat, and some great shopping opportunities around Falmouth. Sweet T’s ice cream parlor is a great choice. They serve much more than ice cream, and are famous for hosting several annual events, including a fishing tournament. Visit Falmouth when touring southern Antigua to experience what’s to see in this long-time settled area.


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