Father's Office

1018 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403
48 reviews

The Office Burger, signature burger at Father’s Office, gets a lot of hype. But there is a reason why: It’s supremely flavorful, juicy, and delicious.

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  • 81
    1.84 mi

    Sushi Sasabune

    1.84 mi from Father's Office
    17 reviews

    One of the best Sushi spots I've been too. Its expensive but worth it. I recommend sitting at the Sushi Bar and just let the chef go to town, just let him know when your full.

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  • 82
    3.24 mi

    Seoul Sausage Company

    3.24 mi from Father's Office
    17 reviews

    The Missus and I had been wanting to try this place out for awhile now. Of all the days/times we could have tried SSC, we picked the absolute worst: Sunday afternoon, Father's Day. It wasn't crowded or anything. Our food didn't take long. Rather, our meal was completely decimated by a group of uncouth, obnoxious, and inebriated Cro-mags. During our ...

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  • 83
    1.6 mi

    Cha Cha Chicken

    1.6 mi from Father's Office
    14 reviews

    Cha Cha is a classic Santa Monica beach joint. Regulars flock to this small outdoor shack to indulge in jerk chicken and other Caribbean dishes. And, its BYOB!

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  • 84
    3.75 mi

    800 Degrees Pizzeria

    3.75 mi from Father's Office
    15 reviews

    Grace C. and I were in the area and decided to stop in when they opened for lunch. Just after 11am, there's a line of 5-6 people. We quickly looked at the menu and realized that it's sort of like Pieology but with fancier toppings. It's sort of like Subway or Chipotle except for pizza. I have to say, the ...

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  • 85
    4.08 mi

    Santouka Ramen -- Culver City

    4.08 mi from Father's Office
    12 reviews

    Ramen - not just known as the best hang over food anymore. Well. Maybe it still is. This specific location is located INSIDE Mitsuwa marketplace. Which isn't usually packed -but as noon approaches the rabid feeding frenzy starts and you better watch out for that nice looking little old lady-- she will jack your spot. Chasu pork, salt ramen, ramen ...

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  • 86
    4.92 mi

    Mendocino Farms

    4.92 mi from Father's Office
    11 reviews

    I've been a fan of Mendocino Farms since when they first opened at the Water Court in downtown LA. It's great to see that they are spreading all over town!! They make my favorite sandwiches. The drunken goat, vegan shawarma and their banh mi are my favorites. It's a great place for lunch!

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  • 87
    1.95 mi

    Amandine Patissiere

    1.95 mi from Father's Office
    11 reviews

    A fantastic brunch spot in Santa Monica. To die for: French toast. They use their own baked bread here. The insides are moist, and the exterior is crisp--a perfect french toast! I also love the croissants I've had in the US. Unfortunately, the chocolate/almond croissant was surprisingly not so good. The omelettes are delicious--Amandine omelette, and the mushroom/swiss/spinach one. ...

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  • 88
    3.32 mi

    Nijiya Market

    3.32 mi from Father's Office
    13 reviews


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  • 89
    3.9 mi

    C & O Trattoria

    3.9 mi from Father's Office
    13 reviews

    Garlic knots is what most people remember here. However, their pastas and house wine special is also super appealing here. Sit either in the courtyard or inside the restaurant. During the warmer days, definitely choose courtyard. In the evening, you might sing a long to Dean Martine while enjoying your dinner

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  • 90
    2.63 mi

    SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa in Brentwood

    2.63 mi from Father's Office
    11 reviews

    Warm rice sushi and fish that melts in your mouth? YES PLEASE! As a sushiholic, I'm very rarely impressed but I can say hands down that Sugarfish is my fave sushi spot in all of LA. Come here for their pris fixe menu and walk away with a belly full of delicious goodness.

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  • 91
    2.59 mi

    The Counter

    2.59 mi from Father's Office
    11 reviews

    Take the family here and eat with the locals. The kids love it and it is a really easy going atmosphere. Great burgers and beers. Milkshakes and fries. You can't go wrong.

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  • 92
    2.8 mi

    Wurstküche - Venice

    2.8 mi from Father's Office
    10 reviews

    I wasn't too impressed with this place. Pay $10+ for a sausage? NO TANKS. Miso Media across the street doesn't serve food but they're sooooo much cooler!

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  • 93
    3.07 mi


    3.07 mi from Father's Office
    15 reviews

    Some people might balk at an $8.50 bowl of ramen especially if you're used to the slightly lower prices in the Gardena area. But this West L.A. eatery serves quite a hefty sized bowl of ramen. I mean, BIG! And I must say, I don't mind paying the price if you get the corresponding quantity of food to match. Quite ...

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  • 94
    3.81 mi


    3.81 mi from Father's Office
    11 reviews

    Palomino is a fancier place to dine in Westwood than the casual, quick-service restaurants. The food is well-prepared and a bit fancier than the conventional restaurants around Westwood; they give complementary bread and bruschetta; the servers are well-mannered and friendly. The food is good quality, but honestly, there's not that much variety on the menu. Its a different and nicer ...

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  • 95
    3.29 mi

    Tatsu Ramen

    3.29 mi from Father's Office
    13 reviews

    I liked it :) Fatty broth with skinny noodles for $10 and you order via ipad! Reminds me of Stacked. Once you place your order and pay, go find a table for your self and a server will come over to look at your ticket. I liked the ramen! It was better than what I expected (thought it'll suck). TIP: ...

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  • 96
    3.17 mi

    Plan Check

    3.17 mi from Father's Office
    13 reviews

    My sister loves this place and has been trying to get me to try it and I finally did and it's pretty good. FOOD: SMOKEY FRIED CHICKEN jidori chicken, smoked milk gravy, yam preserves, spicy pickled okra 13 - This was GOOD. OMG. The chicken was so crispy and it was SO bad for me, but it was SO good. ...

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  • 97
    1.13 mi

    Bru's Wiffle - A Waffle Joint

    1.13 mi from Father's Office
    10 reviews

    This has to be one of the best spots in Los Angeles for chicken and waffles. The chicken is juicy and tender the waffle is light and fluffy. A wonderful mix of sweet and savory.

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  • 98
    2.99 mi

    Primitivo Wine Bistro

    2.99 mi from Father's Office
    9 reviews

    Fantastic tapas location- The elderflower-Infused Sparkling Sangria is to die for, Crispy heirloom potatoes, rosted tomatoes, espelette, garlic confit, shaved manchego makes up their incredible patatas bravas, and I can't recommend their Panzanella Salad enough

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  • 99
    3.29 mi

    Hurry Curry of Tokyo

    3.29 mi from Father's Office
    12 reviews

    Hurry Curry is my go-to Japanese curry spot in West LA. It has a wide variety of curry plates. My favorite curry plate would have to be the Chicken Cutlet Curry. It's so delicious and filling! They give you the curry in a separate bowl so you can put the amount you want on your chicken pieces. I always order ...

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  • 100
    3.27 mi

    Sushi Stop

    3.27 mi from Father's Office
    13 reviews

    If you want decent sushi you have to pay a lot right? Wrong! Although the sushi here is not top grade like Hide Sushi across the street, it's definitely better than most fast food sushi restaurants out there. The yellow tails and the tuna were moist and fresh and most of the standard pieces cost around $2.75. Seating is in ...

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