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Kosrae, Micronesia
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The Federated States of Micronesia, commonly just called the FSM, is a collection of more than 600 islands are spread across a vast expanse of the planet, a veritable legion of tropical paradises occupying a million square miles of teal blue equatorial Pacific. The FSM has a long colonial history, having been variously conquered and colonized by the Spanish, the Germans, the Japanese, and the Americans. Today, the islands are their own nation, but they have a formal relationship with the US federal government, and English is commonly spoken on all islands. The nation's islands are divided into four states – capital Pohnpei, Yap, Chuuk, and Kosrae, each of which speak several distinct languages and have a unique reputation among Pacific islanders. All are famous in the scuba diving world. Visitors to Yap leave with photos of the island's giant stone money – so large it cannot be moved; those who snorkel or dive will be treated to the best show of manta rays in the world. Chuuk was the home to a major Japanese naval base in World War II, a history that is most fascinating to experience underwater: it is a mecca of shipwreck diving. Through all the islands in this nation, ... read more
infrastructure is somewhat lacking, so expect bumpy scooter or jeep rides, and luxury hotels are few and far between. Adventurous travelers, divers or not, will find a rich, fascinating and hospitable world they will be loathe to leave.


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