Fiano Romano

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    While I had the privilege of living in Rome for four years and getting to know it really well, I'd recommend it for a vacation anytime. The mix of amazing food and layers of history is truly unique. If you can, give yourself more than the standard 3 day highlights tour and start to explore the secret bits of Rome-catacombs, ...

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    Vatican City

    Holy See
    194 reviews

    Vatican City is an independent sovereign city located within a 110 acre walled area of Rome. It is home to St. Peter's Basilica and the Bishop of Rome (the Pope), as well as the infamous Vatican Museums, Gardens, and thousands of precious works of art.

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    Small town approximately 40km from Rome in the hills which contains the remains of Hadrian's palace as well as some thermal springs where you can bathe

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    This is a mistake on the system, as Cesaro is actually in Sicily, but the system seems to have it conflated with the Trastevere neighborbood of Rome. Someone more skilled than me as as an admin should fix and merge!

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    Fara in Sabina

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    Calvi dell'Umbria

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    This tiny town is an undiscovered, "authentic" (though I hate that word) piece of Italy. At the southernmost tip of Umbria, it features a historic Ursuline monastery, incredible views, homemade gelato in the central bar, and great porchetta (roast pork). A nice place to stay if you're looking for a taste of village life.

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    9 reviews

    This is the town that first made me fall in love with Umbria, return 10 times and write seven books about the region. It seems almost fake in its central Italian hill town perfection. When you first look at a map, you'll see streets that seem impossibly narrow. And they are; many of the central 'streets' are cobblestone pathways and ...

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    23 reviews

    I've been all over Italy and this is by far my favorite city! Umbria sees to be a bit untapped, compared to Tuscany. Orvieto still has charm, beauty and while there are crowds, it isn't overrun with tourists. The city is full of quaint, small places to stay and there is plenty to see. A must would be the Orvieto ...

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    You know how everyone wants to find the perfect Italian hill town that hasn't yet been discovered? That's Narni. When I first visited in 2003, the tourist office didn't even have a map for me (they photocopied one from their desk). If you happen to be anywhere near Umbria in April, don't miss the Corsa all'Anello, the Race for the ...

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    The secret is out. Todi, once called the most livable city in the world, is beloved by thousands of visitors. But, being in quiet Umbria, it still doesn't feel overcrowded in relation to Tuscany standards (especially off-season). Easily accessible by bus or train, it's almost imperative you visit on a trip to Umbria. With architecture dating back to Roman times, ...

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    If you're looking for a sexy little trip outside of Rome one day, Frascati is not a bad choice. Only about 40 minutes outside of the city (I used to go with my boyfriend on his motorino even) the town, which is part of the Castelli Romani area, is sweet. It's known for lightly sparkling white wine. I recommend buying ...

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    it's my native city! if you like medieval cities, Anagni it's one of the best with a great Cathedral!

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    Great little town outside Rome for some great seafood and walking along the beach and ocean. Definitely head to the Sicily Rome American Cemetery which can be quite a moving experience. Nettuno is easy to get to by train from Rome and can be an easy day trip.

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