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    There's really nothing new to review about Rome, so this is what I'll say: If you go, read first. Listen to podcasts. Watch movies. Study the culture. You will come across a piece of art, a style of architecture, a historic ruin every 28 1/2 feet in the Eternal City. Know a little bit more about what you're looking at, ...

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    Vatican City

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    The world's smallest sovereign nation, but what it lacks in size it makes up in influence, history, and culture. Even if it were surrounded by Rome one of the world's great cities, the Vatican would be a must see for anyone who enjoys history or art

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    Some of the most amazing gardens you will ever lay your eyes on. I felt transported in time.

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    Calvi dell'Umbria

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    This tiny town is an undiscovered, "authentic" (though I hate that word) piece of Italy. At the southernmost tip of Umbria, it features a historic Ursuline monastery, incredible views, homemade gelato in the central bar, and great porchetta (roast pork). A nice place to stay if you're looking for a taste of village life.

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    If you have a car and are exploring the area surrounding Rome, the town of Nemi (overlooking a lake with the same name) should be on your list. The town is famous for its tiny wild strawberries – they are delicious. Get a pastry topped with these strawberries and a cup of coffee, sit outside and enjoy beautiful views – ...

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    A beautiful and relatively untouristy hill town in close proximity to Rome, Orvieto sits atop a giant volcanic rock. Nice views of the Umbrian countryside look out in all directions. Gorgeous old cobbled streets wind their way around town. The Cathedral is a highlight. Also make time to visit "Underground Orvieto". Drink a glass of Orvieto Classico and stay the ...

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    This is the town that first made me fall in love with Umbria, return 10 times and write seven books about the region. It seems almost fake in its central Italian hill town perfection. When you first look at a map, you'll see streets that seem impossibly narrow. And they are; many of the central 'streets' are cobblestone pathways and ...

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    You know how everyone wants to find the perfect Italian hill town that hasn't yet been discovered? That's Narni. When I first visited in 2003, the tourist office didn't even have a map for me (they photocopied one from their desk). If you happen to be anywhere near Umbria in April, don't miss the Corsa all'Anello, the Race for the ...

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    The secret is out. Todi, once called the most livable city in the world, is beloved by thousands of visitors. But, being in quiet Umbria, it still doesn't feel overcrowded in relation to Tuscany standards (especially off-season). Easily accessible by bus or train, it's almost imperative you visit on a trip to Umbria. With architecture dating back to Roman times, ...

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    Terni is a strange, but useful, town in Lazio whose industrial history made it a target for bombings during World War II. Therefore it's beautiful old town is surrounded by newer, cheaper housing projects and box stores lining large, ugly streets. The town has its charms - particularly as you move towards its center - but its main draw is ...

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    Beautiful Medieval looking village that juts up out of a valley. Be prepared to walk to it. No motorized vehicles.

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    Il Porto di Civitavecchia, fondato dall’imperatore Traiano, come porta di Roma, ha rappresentato per molti secoli il fulcro degli scambi e dei contatti tra i popoli dell’antico "Mare Nostrum". Ancora oggi, Civitavecchia conserva questa posizione privilegiata, collocandosi al centro di un moderno ed efficiente sistema ferroviario, stradale e aeroportuale che collega la capitale ed il centro Italia con il resto ...

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