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Robbin's Rest, Fire Island, summer '76
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    Fire Island has little, grassy, windswept beaches and a good summer nightlife culture. About an hour outside of NYC, it's not too far to go but really makes you feel as if you've gone far away.

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    When I lived on Long Island I took the ferry over to Fire Island every summer..sometimes stayed in a rented bungalow and went to Cherry Grove to see the female impersonators....

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  • Fire Island

    this is a must on the travel log. everyone should take the ferry over to fire island at least once. no cars are allowed on the island. travel is by foot or bicycle. every one has a little red wagon to carry groceries or whatever from the ferry to their home or rental cottage

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Fire Island is a small barrier island located off the coast of Long Island New York, and unlike it's very much upscale and somewhat pretentious neighbor, this thirty-two mile long strip of sand and forests is home to an unapologetic group of seventeen communities, each with their own personalities. The area itself is home to no paved roads whatsoever, and during the summertime, vehicle traffic is not allowed. Still, this area, especially the long sandy beaches, is a very popular somewhat alternative tourist attraction. As with the whole of New York State, nude sunbathing is permitted here, but it has become more of a standard than just a option. The western potion of the island is home to numerous vacation communities and nightlife options, but the real draw for visitors here is the large gay population in the eastern portion of Fire Island. Needless to say, the more conservative among us might want to focus their visit on the protected State Parks found here, as beaches on both ends of the island are very much home to revelry and free-spirits.


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