Five Leaves NY

18 Bedford Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
7 reviews

Consider yourself lucky if you find an empty table on a Tuesday afternoon. This place is so popular, it is packed at all times. Initially, I thought it's because of the trendy crowd, the privileged hipsters if you may, but no, the food is actually incredible. Try the Moroccan scramble for brunch, it's unbelievably good! Great place to sit outside ...

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    0.63 mi


    N 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211
    0.63 mi from Five Leaves NY

    I can't get enough of this place. It's open from I believe April till October/November. It's a flea market of Food...and really good food. A mix of brick & mortar and food truck vendors offer everything from BBQ to tacos ,Bolivian food to Ethiopian, Lobster rolls to Fried Chicken and Turkey drumsticks to coffee, tea, ice cream, donuts. It's open ...

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    0.69 mi

    Fette Sau

    354 Metropolitan Avenue, NY
    0.69 mi from Five Leaves NY
    11 reviews

    I am writing this review in pure mystery and intrigue of Fette Sau because I have yet to have actually eaten there. I came after 11pm on a whim because word on the street Fette Sau has the best BBQ in town.... And I have BBQ cravings (Southerner in me) like a pregnant lady craves pickles and ice cream. I ...

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    0.99 mi

    Pies -n- Thighs

    166 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States
    0.99 mi from Five Leaves NY
    7 reviews

    This is an awesome place for some southern food in NYC. You should definitely get one of the boxes - my favorite is the chicken box with mac 'n cheese which is a bit spicy (but not too spicy), and a biscuit, which you should cover with honey! It's absolutely great and cheap too! =)

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    0.63 mi

    Blue Bottle Coffee - Brooklyn

    160 Berry St, Brooklyn, New York
    0.63 mi from Five Leaves NY
    5 reviews

    The same great coffee as in San Francisco, inside of a huge warehouse space in Williamsburg. Great place to stop by but not really a good place to hang out for too long.

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  • 5
    0.56 mi

    SEA Thai Restaurant

    114 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
    0.56 mi from Five Leaves NY
    6 reviews

    The one in Brooklyn is the best though...

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    0.97 mi


    229 South 4th Street, New York, NY
    0.97 mi from Five Leaves NY
    4 reviews

    Traif in Brooklyn is a fantastic restaurant! Decently priced for the high quality of food.

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    0.7 mi

    Mast Brothers Chocolate

    111 North 3rd Street, New York City, New York State
    0.7 mi from Five Leaves NY

    Jacques Torres is my favorite Brooklyn-based chocolatier but this showroom / chocolate cafe is excellent. Free sampling of their chocolate bars and a nice selection of baked goods that you won't find elsewhere.

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  • 8
    0.75 mi

    The Bagel Store

    754 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
    0.75 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    Hands down the best bagels in NYC! People come from all over the city just to try their French Toast bagels! I personally recommend it with cannoli cream cheese if you like it really sweet or strawberry if you want it a little less sweet. Try as many combinations as you can - you really can't go wrong and their ...

  • 9
    0.55 mi

    Paulie Gee's

    60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
    0.55 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    Greatest pizza in the world. If you're looking for something different, try anything on the menu. It's all unique and unbelievable. The Cherry Jones is a definite favorite, though. I also had the unique experience of attending a wedding here once. I never thought I'd check that one off of my list.

  • 10
    0.47 mi

    The Meatball Shop

    170 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211, United States
    0.47 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    This is meatball heaven! I am a Friday evening regular and adore this place. You must try the Special Balls and Sauce that compliments it. Also try the icecream with the cookie they recommend for the specials ice cream/cookie since they are pretty damn amazing. Go naked balls, go slider, hero, everything, just try it! No matter what you eat ...

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    0.62 mi

    The Brooklyn Star

    593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
    0.62 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    Amazing Spicy Cucumber cocktail at brunch. Great vibe and crowd. Didn't get the fried chicken but had major FOMO when I saw it coming out of the kitchen repeatedly.

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  • 12
    0.5 mi

    Cafe Mogador

    133 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States
    0.5 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    Good atmsophere, food and vibe. The greenhouse in the back is a refreshing sun-drenched break in the winter. Good Moroccan / middle eastern and a perfect spot for Sunday brunch.

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  • 13
    0.82 mi

    Maison Premiere

    0.82 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    Great oysters

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    0.86 mi

    Le Barricou

    533 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States
    0.86 mi from Five Leaves NY
    3 reviews

    French place with a great weekend brunch. It's crowded but worth it. I'd recommend the duck confit hash, which was hearty but not overwhelming, and features duck from long island. I've heard tales of their massive pancakes for those who want something sweeter.

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  • 15
    1.88 mi

    Katz's Deli

    205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
    1.88 mi from Five Leaves NY

    It is good, but I personally think it is overblown how good it is. I think this has become more of a tourist spot than a foodie stop. I personally prefer Ike's Place in San Francisco over Katz, and Ike's is cheaper, which was astounding. Pastrami on Rye is the go-to which was big and good. I also had a ...

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  • 16
    2.29 mi

    Shake Shack - Madison Square Park

    Southeast corner of Madison Square Park near Madison Ave. and E.23rd St, 10010
    2.29 mi from Five Leaves NY
    105 reviews

    If you must stand in a ridiculous line, make it this one. That said, shake shack burgers can be enjoyed in other, less-scenic locations, all over town. There's even one at JFK.

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  • 17
    2.36 mi


    200 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010
    2.36 mi from Five Leaves NY
    95 reviews

    If you love Italian food and coffee, come here! If you plan to eat here, I would wall to the different restaurants first, pick one, and put your name down. During the time that you're waiting to be seated, you can walk around the different mini markets. There's so much here in one building, it's awesome! You can also watch ...

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  • 18
    2.09 mi

    Ippudo NY

    65 4th Avenue, New York, NY
    2.09 mi from Five Leaves NY
    57 reviews

    Possibly the best ramen outside of Japan. It's all about the pork buns and the spicy miso ramen. Worth the 1.5-2 hour wait!

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  • 19
    3.03 mi

    Halal Guys -- 53rd and 6th

    6th Ave & W 53rd, St New York, NY 10019
    3.03 mi from Five Leaves NY

    Wow I really miss this place! One of my favorite places in NY to eat. I came here around midnight and there was barely a line. Maybe cause it was raining but still. THIS IS A MUST IF YOU ARE IN NY. Make sure you get the right truck. 6 dollars gets you a bowl of heaven. You get so ...

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  • 20
    2.31 mi

    Lombardi's Pizza

    32 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
    2.31 mi from Five Leaves NY
    42 reviews

    Simply the best traditional pizza I have ever eaten. I am sensitive to dairy and gluten, but make an exception for this pie, and it is always worth it. Thin crispy crust with plain imported tomatoes, fresh bufalo mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, and freshly made italian sausage.

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