Fontainebleau Miami Beach

4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140
34 reviews

Miami is a city that is quickly becoming the new New York City. It’s skyscrapers, music scene, and citizens make it a popular destination for travelers. But like we mentioned above, Fort Lauderdale is in a prime location. Hop on the local train system, the Tri-Rail, and pay $5 for a roundtrip ticket.

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Restaurants near Fontainebleau Miami Beach for Art & Design Lovers

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  • 21
    3.45 mi

    Nikki Beach

    3.45 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    32 reviews

    Without any doubt the best beach club brand in the world! Best food, best people and best music. The prices are average for that service and location and the food and drinks are very good.

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  • 22
    4.77 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    4.77 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    9 reviews

    there are a lot of pictures and guitars of great rockers on the walls. that place just rocks! awesome!

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  • 23
    2.81 mi

    News Cafe

    2.81 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    20 reviews

    Ultimate 24 hour Cafe for good food and people watching

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  • 24
    4.32 mi

    Sra. Martinez

    4.32 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    3 reviews

    Sra. Martinez, housed in a beautifully restored post office building from the 1920s, offers an extensive, gourmet menu and one of the hippest dining atmospheres in Miami's design district. If you can't decide on one of the many mouthwatering tapas, order the Miami Spice Menu ($35.) It's a great way to sample Executive Chef Michelle Bernstein's culinary genius, with small ...

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  • 25
    3.34 mi

    Big Pink

    3.34 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach

    Great food n many options, big portions, ok price, nice location.

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  • 26
    3.49 mi

    Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant

    3.49 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    50 reviews

    My father raved about this place and I had no idea what it really was all about. I have to say I am not a big crab lover but the house specialty Stone Crab's has to be one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten! If you are going to Miami do not miss this experience! There is ...

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  • 27
    2.9 mi

    Puerto Sagua

    2.9 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach

    Cheap and delicious Cuban joint in the heart of Miami Beach. It's not Abuela's house, but then again nowhere is. Puerto Sagua serves up some of the best Cuban food in Miami, and no visit to Miami is complete without a taste of the Cuban pride: arroz con frijoles, platanito maduro, and of course, lechon!

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  • 28
    3.39 mi

    Prime One Twelve

    3.39 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    18 reviews

    Excellent meats here. Reservations needed for sure. There is a bar where you can wait for a table that serves good drinks. Everyone here is looking fine.

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  • 29
    2.72 mi

    Mango's Tropical Cafe

    2.72 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    21 reviews

    The pulsating Latin heart of Miami Beach is a better bet for a night out than the over-rated and over-crowded mainstream nightclubs. Right on the beach - and the Strip - Mango's is uniquely Miami in more ways than can be counted. Male and female dancers vibrate on raised stands as Latin rhythms rock you deeper into tropical cocktails, cooled ...

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  • 30
    2.19 mi


    2.19 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    13 reviews

    Not only is the view of Miami Beach exquisite, although the view from your penthouse is just as good, the people are fabulous. You'll find flocks of peacocks with too much perfume and designer clothes all trying to out-sparkle each other. And it's one of the few places on Lincoln Road where you can order the most expensive bottle of ...

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  • 31
    2.62 mi

    Clevelander South Beach Bar & Restaurant

    2.62 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    15 reviews

    I went here for the bar scene. It was fun but certainly didn't live up to what I had heard, which had set the bar a little too high. I had a great time though and I loved being outdoors! It's also one of the more popular destinations for a night out, so be prepared to be among lots of ...

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  • 32
    1.67 mi

    Nobu Miami

    1.67 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach

    Always a classic. Located inside the Shore Club Nobu is one of the trendiest places in South Beach. Fusion Asian food, nice drinks, a good warm up for Miami`s nightlife.

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  • 33
    2.31 mi

    La Sandwicherie

    2.31 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    15 reviews

    La Sandwicherie is the best sandwich on the beach, without a doubt. The place has something for everybody, plus it's open late night, so you can roll out of the club for a midnight snack or for a late evening meal. Everything is fresh and made to order, plus you can get a big salad if you are one of ...

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  • 34
    3.68 mi

    Smith & Wollensky

    3.68 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    13 reviews

    Gorgeous views, excellent service, great food, only a few blocks away. Perfection.

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  • 35
    4.81 mi

    AmericanAirlines Arena

    4.81 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    11 reviews

    A must visit, absolutely beautiful venue and amazing performances.

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  • 36
    2.21 mi


    2.21 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    13 reviews

    **SOLID SUSHI FARE IN HEART OF SOBE** Sushi cravings beckoned us. Came here around 8:30PM on a Sunday. We sat at a booth. Karate Kid romantic nice. ORDERED: *WOK SEARED SWEET SPICY EDAMAME - Loved this. I could have eaten a bowl of this by myself. The sauce was goo-goo delicious. *AHI POKE - A bit on the soy-salty side, ...

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  • 37
    4.32 mi

    Mandolin Aegean Bistro

    4.32 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    10 reviews

    Best Greek / Aegean restaurant in Miami. The ambience is so pretty and cozy. Lovely place to go for dinner.

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  • 38
    2.06 mi

    Sushi Samba Dromo

    2.06 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    10 reviews

    This is a Miami favorite for me. The ambiance flavor the energy the vibe are all terrific. The sushi toquatos are fabulous. Yellowtail appetizer is terrific. As is the yellow tail and holla Pina roll. 1 of my favorite places to go.

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  • 39
    4.89 mi

    Bongos Cuban Cafe

    4.89 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    10 reviews

    Have a Great time when you visit The American Arina

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  • 40
    2.52 mi

    Barton G the Restaurant

    2.52 mi from Fontainebleau Miami Beach
    7 reviews

    Love this place and I would definitely go back! This is a great place for a special occasion as they have nitrogen martini's and all of their dishes come out with amazing presentation. Make room for dessert as the portions are huge! We had the lobster pop tarts that came out in a retro oven- tasted as good as they ...

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