Founding Farmers

1924 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20006
21 reviews

Founding Farmers is a local and sustainable restaurant that is always good. The restaurant has a cult following and is always packed. I suggest making reservations even if you are going to breakfast. The weekend brunch is very popular and can be booked weeks in advance. I have never had a bad meal at Founding Farmers. If you are planning ...

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  • 61
    0.91 mi


    1112 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004
    0.91 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    A little hoity-toity, a little overpriced, a LOT of politicians, but there's no denying that Tosca makes some great Italian food. The butternut squash fritters I had for an appetizer were light and sumptuous, and my main dish of asparagus lemon risotto was phenomenal. I was seriously considering licking the plate clean, but I'm sure the waiter would have given ...

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  • 62
    0.98 mi

    Russia House

    1800 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20009
    0.98 mi from Founding Farmers

    Ready to go back in time... a great selection of Vodkas and Baltic beers, pop russian music in the background (e.g., 80s and 90s style music). A really fun place - lots of interesting characters...

  • 63
    0.64 mi

    Scion Restaurant

    2100 P Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20037, United States
    0.64 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    Love the brunch here, this Dupont circle location is great on Sundays because you can get brunch and then stroll around one of the best all season farmers markets in DC. Scion usually always has seating and is never too much of a wait. The food is great, although I've only been here for lunch I am looking to check ...

  • 64
    0.87 mi

    Restaurant Nora

    2132 Florida Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
    0.87 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    This is one of those special occasion only kinda restaurants, and it just so happens it was one of those special occasions the other night. From the outside Nora is a delight to the eye, I would always recommend a reservation just to be safe- because this place was crowded even on a Wednesday night. We were seated in a ...

  • 65
    0.77 mi

    Devon & Blakely

    1331 F Street Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
    0.77 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews
  • 66
    0.27 mi

    Roti Mediterranean Grill

    2221 I Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20052, United States
    0.27 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    Surprisingly good Mediterranean place right near the Foggy Bottom Metro. I was extremely hungry when I came in here and left pretty satisfied. I would come back here again. A great alternative to the always unimpressive Sweetgreen next door.

  • 67
    0.71 mi

    Cafe Mozart

    1331 H St NW # A, Washington, DC
    0.71 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    During our 3.5 day stay in DC, we came here twice for lunch :) Super friendly service, comforting food, great beers! I really like: Potato Pancakes (complete with applesauce and sour cream) Saurkraut Knockwurst Sausage Schwarzbir (dark beer) My co-worker ordered Schnitzel with spaetzl (the pork one with german pasta bits) and he was raving about it. Our 2nd time ...

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  • 68
    1.0 mi

    Drafting Table

    1529 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC
    1.0 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    Pub with an architect theme. Good crowd of locals, super funny and helpful bartender. 15 craft brews on tap, late night pulled pork. Soccer fans get great deals during USA games.

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  • 69
    0.6 mi

    Potenza Restaurant

    Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, USA
    0.6 mi from Founding Farmers
    3 reviews

    Well prepared pizza. The Fungi was tasty.

  • 70
    0.45 mi

    Shake Shack

    1216 18th St. NW, Washington
    0.45 mi from Founding Farmers
    3 reviews

    If you like burgers, you cannot miss Shake Shack during your trip. It is delicious. Check out the concretes, as well (especially the ones made with Dangerously Delicious pie- a Baltimore and DC classic- mixed in!)

  • 71
    0.57 mi

    Big Hunt

    1345 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20036
    0.57 mi from Founding Farmers
    3 reviews

    Great "neighborhood bar" that just happens to be in one of DC's most prestigious neighborhoods. Doesn't fit the location though - Big Hunt is laid back and almost blue collar in feel, whilst NW DC is anything but!

  • 72
    0.58 mi

    Beacon Bar & Grill

    1615 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC
    0.58 mi from Founding Farmers

    The food is perfectly adequate for a hotel restaurant. Normally it would not be a stand-alone destination. The chef appears to have an affinity for salt. Parts of my breakfast and my dinner were too salty.

  • 73
    0.95 mi

    Ristorante Piccolo

    1068 31st St Nw, Washington, DC 20007
    0.95 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    Outstanding Italian restaurant in Georgetown. The food was amazing and the wine choices were very reasonable. If you're looking for Italian around this area, I'd recommend this place or La Perla up Pennsylvania if you want to spend a little more money.

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  • 74
    0.98 mi


    1805 18th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States
    0.98 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    A small and cute Korean restaurant. Their brunches are great!!

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  • 75
    0.32 mi


    800 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20006
    0.32 mi from Founding Farmers

    We visited DC in the beginning of March and it was realllly cold, so Teaism was a perfect way to warm up after a long day of walking in the cold outdoors. I love the flavors they have and how laid-back the atmosphere is.

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  • 76
    0.52 mi

    Trader Joe's

    1101 25th St NW, Washington, DC 20037, United States
    0.52 mi from Founding Farmers
    3 reviews

    I love Trader Joe's, and yet its only DC location is sort of terrible to visit. If I drive there, the parking lot is terribly cramped so if you have anything longer than a Smart Car you're going to have some maneuvering to do. And any time I've gone it's been incredibly crowded, and probably because of that they've been ...

  • 77
    0.89 mi

    Birch & Barley

    1337 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
    0.89 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews
  • 78
    0.9 mi

    Logan Tavern

    1423 P Street Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
    0.9 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews
  • 79
    0.97 mi

    Landmark E Street Cinema

    Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, USA
    0.97 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    E Street cinema is conveniently located downtown and provides your independent/foreign/offbeat movie fix.

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  • 80
    0.86 mi

    Tsunami Sushi & Lounge

    1326 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC
    0.86 mi from Founding Farmers
    2 reviews

    Located in the Logan Circle area of DC tsunami is a pretty decent little sushi bar. The sushi is good, and the service is very friendly

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