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    • Nubian Hostel4 Elwy Street | off Qasr El Nile Street, Cairo, Egypt
      james nelson recommended Nubian Hostel
      Clean accommodating hostel in a really interesting part of the city. A 10 minute walk (not including the insane traffic crossings) from Tahrir square. They can help you arrange any kind of tour you ... read more
      might want to do without being pushy. Its surrounded by some really good cheap restaurants. On a very lively road full of tea shops that never seem to close.
      .Comment.over 2 years ago. Report
      james nelson

      You can't really stay close to the sphinx, nor would you want to since the pyramids are surrounded by undeveloped neighborhoods

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Maadi Hotel
      The roof top swimming pool with views of the Nile, the Pyramids of Giza and on a clear day, the Step Pyramid of Sakkara make the Maadi Hotel quite the 'looker'. At just 15 minutes from Tahrir Square ... read more
      (downtown Cairo) and a half an hour from the airport, the hotel is well situated anyway you slice it. Free Wifi, tastefully appointed rooms and an on site doctor (just in case) are a bonus.
      .Comment.over 2 years ago. Report
      Baxter Jackson

      A pretty good value for your guinea if you're looking for comfort rather than character.

    • El Ma'adiMaadi Al Khabiri Al Wasti, Al Maadi, Egypt
      Baxter Jackson recommended El Ma'adi
      Homesick for the anonymity of the West? With the highest number of expats in Cairo, resigned acceptance of the foreign presence from the locals and one of the only Western-style grocery stores in ... read more
      town, Ma'adi feels about as close to the West as you can get this side of the Nile.
      .Comment.over 2 years ago. Report
      Baxter Jackson

      An expat enclave in Cairo but fun nevertheless. Plus there's lots of reasonably priced accommodation to be had

    • Pyramids of SaqqaraNorth Saqqara, Cairo Egypt
    • Great Pyramid of KhufuGiza Plateau, Giza 12561 Egypt
    • El Hussein MosqueEl-Hussein Square, Cairo Egypt
    • The SphinxAl Qebleyah, Al Azbakeyah, Egypt
    • Egyptian MuseumTahrir Square, Cairo Egypt
    • Pyramids of GizaCairo, Egypt

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