On a year round basis, Frozen Dead Guy Days is my favorite even in Colorado. On its own, Nederland is an awesome place to escape the bustle and the heat of Boulder. I drive up to Ned every few weeks to chill out. FDGD takes it to a whole new level. First of all, the festival honors a cryogenically frozen corpse. Second, FDGD is really a celebration of death and winter. In a much more significant way than Groundhog Day, this festival both indulges in the beauty and strangeness of winter and also is a forerunner of Spring and rebirth. On a material level, it's all about beer, music, good food and wacky games. Ned was the first town in Colorado to legalize MMJ and Boulder county's many, ahem, patients are also out and about. My wife and I participated last year in the "Newly Dead Game" contest, in which we were each asked about one another's final wishes. We won a book on funeral At the First Street Pub we got to try Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time as the pub was host to an oyster eating contest.
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