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    Galicia is a very unique region of Western Spain that (though home to some nearly three million inhabitants) has expansive inland forests that are great for hiking. This terrain is relatively flat making hiking through here more about enjoying the ambiance than reaching extreme elevations to reach a lookout. Since there are so many well worn pilgrim trails around here, several tours proceed from one historic location, through beautiful forests, to another even more historic location. With it's own coast that is certainly swim-able, and a long list of additional attractions, the Galicia region of Spain is certainly worth spending some of your vacation time exploring.

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  • Galicia

    What's great about this area of Spain are its views along the coast, its seafood, and its culture. Just rent a car and be prepared for a long but worth it drive. You can visit a great, history-rich city such as Santiago de Compostela, the coastal cities along Rias Baixas, and larger ports like Vigo and La Coruna. Every little town has its own look, plaza and tapas bars. People are very polite, the cities are extremely clean and orderly and the smaller hotels are all comfortable and not expensive. Really a great place to enjoy yourself, eat great, and have a little adventure along the way without losing your shirt.

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Picture this: the eerie sound of a bagpipe breaks the still of a cool morning mist on this rocky seashore, and just behind you fog shrouds the rolling green hills. Ireland, you say, or the Scottish Highlands? No, but you'd certainly be forgiven for thinking so. This is Galicia, Spain's most northwestern region. Galicians trace their roots back to Celtic tribes who settled here hundreds of years before the Romans invaded. Never conquered by the Moors, Galicia became a Christian pilgrimage site starting in the early medieval period. Word on the street in the ninth century was that the remains of the apostle St. James were brought to Galicia, and the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela is now the third holiest site in Christendom (behind Jerusalem and Rome). Just to the east, rugged Asturias offers small, traditional villages and excellent hiking amidst the vertical Picos de Europa, where brown bear and wolves still run free.


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