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    Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

    8 reviews

    The main destination for all Santiago pilgrims and turists in general, the imponent cathedral has baroque and romanesque elements. Locared at plaza del Obradoirio, where all crowds and pilgrims gather. Inside the Cathedral there's a huge bell at the altar, called "bota fumeiro", that swings to both sides of the altar, with incense, used on special celebrations. A must see!

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    Cathedral of Saint James

    7 reviews

    There is a "Pilgrims Mass" every day at noon to welcome and honor pilgrims completing the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage. However, the cathedral is open all day for you to come in and out. If you see a giant silver bell-looking object hanging from a rope above the alter, that means the Botofumeiro, a must see tradition within the Cathedral, ...

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    Tower of Hercules

    7 reviews

    To look good, does not seem like a lighthouse, but a mighty tower. Its history goes back much addientro But over time, because this imposing building is due to the Romans, around the second century AD datat His job was to be their to guide ships at sea, and dedicated to Mars, that would protect Brigantium, nothing that today's A ...

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    Old Town

    6 reviews

    A lovely pedestrian place filled with interesting shops, fresh organic markets and cafés. From time to time you can see pilgrims walking the camino. I would love to go back to Santiago and spend more time in the Old Town.

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    Roman Walls of Lugo

    4 reviews
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    Cies Isle

    3 reviews

    You must go to Vigo in order to get to this Island. It is a National Park so unless you camp it is a day trip. Take the 9am ferry from Vigo and return at 6pm. Absolutely worth the trip!!!

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    3 reviews
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    3 reviews

    After visiting the Altamira Caves one recent afternoon, Gayle and I weren't quite ready to return to Santillana del Mar. We decided that a scenic drive along the Atlantic Coast would be nice. That excursion would take us to both Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. Both are also along the Northern Route of the Camino de Santiago, but ...

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    3 reviews

    A beautiful little town right near Santander. The beaches here are pretty and are never very busy. It's also a good place to surf.

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    Playa de San Lorenzo

    2 reviews

    One of the urban beaches in Gijon (filtered.)

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    Playa de El Camello

    2 reviews

    A delightful little beach that's always full of old men in speedos playing palas. It's a perfect beach for having a picnic or just dipping your feet in the water. When the sun is shining it's the perfect place to lay out on the rocks and feel the ocean air. The name comes from a rock that looks like a ...

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    Flor de Santiago

    2 reviews

    Gayle and I were walking around the Market area late on afternoon. Most places were already closed, but we were lucky enough to stumble upon this cool shop that sells jewelry items around the Flor de Santiago, or Jacobean Lily. I ended up buying Gayle a gorgeous pendant and only wish that we would have purchased more for gifts.

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    Universidad Laboral.Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura.

    2 reviews

    Universidad Laboral.Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura. Gijon,Asturias,Spain.A multidisciplinar artistic building home University,Contemporary & Industrial Art Center,Theatre,Auditorium,Hotel in a future and a lot of things to visit or enjoy (concerts, theatre, exhibitions.)

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    Parque de Isabel La Católica

    2 reviews

    Isabel La Católica Park is a huge park in the city of Gijon. It has a lot of interesting trees, walkways, ponds, playgrounds, gardens. One of the most exciting things in the park is huge aviary – with lots of peacocks, swans, herons, colorful pheasants, other exotic birds. It’s fun to walk around fenced-in space and watch them eat, play, ...

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    Museo De Altamira

    2 reviews

    The Altamira Caves are located only 2km from Santillana del Mar and it's worth the trip to see the Museum and the replication of the original cave (which is closed to the public). The Neocueva is a impressive reconstruction, the explanations are good, and the recreated and prone-painted bison-related art is enjoyable to look at and ponder prehistoric history. Gayle ...

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    El Sardinero

    2 reviews

    El Sardinero is the premier beach of the Cantabrian town of Santander. The expanses of smooth sand are only broken by dramatic outcroppings of rock. The water is cold until mid-summer but this is a handsome and inviting beach nevertheless.

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    2 reviews

    Laredo is a great little beach town just across the bay from Santander. The main beach is a cove that, at times, will be full of surfers from morning to night. If you want to have a fun day take the ferry from Santander to Somo and then hike to Laredo.

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    Monuments of Oviedo and the Kingdom of the Asturias

    2 reviews

    Una ciudad que encanta. Sus monumentos, belleza y mi pieza no pasa inadvertida

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    San Vicente de la Barquera

    2 reviews

    Gorgeous city with views from every angle. Of all of the beach cities in Cantabria west of Santander, this is the one to visit. It's got beautiful beaches, a fun downtown area with cheap restaurants, and hiking all over the place.

  • 20

    Islas Cíes

    1 review

    These islands on Northwest Galicia, Spain, are part of the Atlantic island national Park. The archipelago has stunning landscapes and beaches. There are a lot of things to do besides the beach, hikking on the several itineraries, bird watching, great views on the cliffs from the lighthouses. There are no hotels, only camping is allowed.Access to the islands is made ...

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