Gemma alla Lupa

Via Marghera, 39, Rome 00185 Italy
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  • 81
    2.47 mi

    Old Bridge Gelateria

    2.47 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    After spending a good part of the morning at the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. I was suppose to meat my family at St. Peter's Square. My aunt who lives in Rome and works for the Vatican, gave me a tip. After seeing the museum, go across the street and get a gelato at the Old Bridge. Being a good ...

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  • 82
    1.64 mi

    Il Forno Roscioli

    1.64 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    Such delicious pizza, such delicious bread...this is a perfect little stop for a light lunch or snack that won't break the bank.

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  • 83
    1.5 mi

    Caffè Sant'Eustachio

    1.5 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    19 reviews

    Coffee appears in a million guises in the Eternal City, from cappuccino for the morning, to the alcoholic caffe' corretto after dinner. But Caffe' Sant'Eustachio delivers its own delicious spin on the tiny espresso, with a sweet sugar foam to help it make its way down.

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  • 84
    1.56 mi

    Bar Pompi

    1.56 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    This is a tiramisu ninja bar masquerading as an everyday Italian get your coffee and cornetto bar. Definitely, definitely worth a special trip - the tiramisu is a great gift to bring to dinner parties, as all Romans know (and revere) it. If you're an American tired of the shlumpy, dumpy, totally ubiquitous tiramisu at every stateside Italian restaurant, Pompi ...

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  • 85
    1.66 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    1.66 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    6 reviews

    This is a casual Roman place, open only at night, that specializes in Baccala, the salty, fried cod typical of central Italy. You can also order puntarelle in season (a delicious green served with an anchovy sauce) and other fried Roman treats like fiori di zucca and suppli. There are no frills here. You eat at a table with a ...

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  • 86
    1.51 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    1.51 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    5 reviews

    Some of Rome's best pizza al taglio is at Pizzeria Florida. An added bonus is its central location on Largo Argentina, perfect for grabbing a trancio (slice) while you're in transit. And, since you control the size of the slice, you have added control on the price!

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  • 87
    1.99 mi

    Dar Poeta

    1.99 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    4 reviews

    Everyone's favorite pizza spot. That's why we made it our first stop as soon as we arrived. It was as delicious and tasty as people made it out to be-- but beware, it was also full of tourists. Ask them for recs on what pizza to get, but if they don't have any (which was the case for us), just ...

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  • 88
    1.63 mi

    Grom - Piazza Navona

    1.63 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    Oh my God, this gelato is AMAZING!!! On my most recent trip to Italy, I went to Grom about 6 different times and tried all sorts of different flavors. By far the best are the Vanilla (SO creamy and flavorful), the Coffee (tastes like creamy frozen espresso), and the Coconut (with dark chocolate chips). Oh man, I'm drooling just writing ...

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  • 89
    1.54 mi

    Gelateria Artigianale Corona

    1.54 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    This is in the Largo di Torre Argentina area, heading toward Trastevere from central Rome. You can look out over the ruins across the street as you eat your gelato, or watch a chalk artist drawing on the pavement just outside. Try the Mango, Malaga, or Marronata. The Cioccolata con Prugne e Rhum and the Cioccolata con Arancia weren't quite ...

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  • 90
    1.75 mi

    Pizzeria la Montecarlo

    1.75 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    6 reviews

    Rude Roman waiters, salty, chewy carbonara, and authentic cappricciosa pizza with a sunny side up egg smack in the middle are the delights of this institution. Show up, queue for a table and worship at the altar of casual Roman dining.

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  • 91
    2.04 mi

    Gelateria Petrini

    2.04 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    3 reviews

    The most spectacular gelateria in Rome, and no one knows about it but the locals. The menta romana is creamy and delicately minty without while the passito di pantelleria is a wondrous distillation of the sicilian liqueur. Honestly, all the flavors are just uh-mazing. Close to the Ponte Lungo stop on Metro A, it's on Via Appia Nuova--get out of ...

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  • 92
    2.09 mi


    2.09 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    3 reviews

    Volpetti sells some of the best cheese and meat in Rome, as well as running a pretty spot-on tavola calda (buffet) next door. While it's not the cheapest place in the world, the cry-tears-of happiness level of the food is worth every extra euro cent.

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  • 93
    3.01 mi

    Dar Moschino

    3.01 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    4 reviews

    I ate myself sick here. It's situated on a lovely piazza in Garbatella, a neighborhood built in the 1930s, which legend has it was named after a kind waitress (or prostitute, depending who you talk to) who once worked here. Eat the rigatoni alla gricia. Have the mixed antipasto. Maybe move on to some coniglio (rabbit). Try to decipher the ...

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  • 94
    2.97 mi


    2.97 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    4 reviews

    I got a recommendation from a fellow traveler about Pizzarium. It was close to our hotel in Rome so we went there our first night. It was the best pizza slice I had in Rome. We ordered the one with tomatoes and it was delicious. They reheated it in the oven for us and cut it into even smaller pieces ...

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  • 95
    1.86 mi

    Da Augusto

    1.86 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    Tucked away in one of Trastevere's more obscure piazzas, Da Augusto offers authentic Roman food for absurdly low prices. Go early (in Italy this means 7 or 7:30), as they don't take reservations and otherwise you may wait quite a while. The service is typical down-home Roman: expect a paper tablecloth and a pile of silverware thrown into the middle ...

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  • 96
    2.34 mi

    Betto E Mary

    2.34 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    2 reviews

    Amazing authentic working class Roman cuisine. You need to speak Italian to be happy there and if you wear a tie, they'll cut it off. But if you can hack that, it's a fabulous experience.

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  • 97
    1.48 mi

    Il Brillo Parlante

    1.48 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    2 reviews

    Il Brillo Parlante is a great place to know about near Piazza del Popolo...not touristy, very good food, and (the ultimate stamp of approval) shown to me by a Roman friend.

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  • 98
    2.53 mi

    Osteria dell'Angelo

    2.53 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    The food of poor people is surprisingly good, especially when those poor people are Italian. What was born of necessity has endured because it's delicious, and Osteria dell'Angelo in Prati serves up wonderful classics like beans with rosemary and trippa alla romana, among many others.

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  • 99
    2.11 mi

    Trattoria Cacio e Pepe

    2.11 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    8 reviews

    The name says it all. Come to trattoria cacio e pepe to try the eponymous pasta, spaghetti covered in cheese and black pepper, an example of the simple genius of traditional Roman food.

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  • 100
    1.89 mi

    Da Enzo al 29

    1.89 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    3 reviews

    We stayed around the corner from Da Enzo for 3 nights in Trastevere. This was our final meal in Rome (and in Italy, after our two-week honeymoon), and it did not disappoint. There can be a bit of a wait for a table, but we came back fashionably late - around 9-9:30pm, as the Italians do - and were seated ...

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