Gemma alla Lupa

Via Marghera, 39, Rome 00185 Italy

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  • 61
    0.73 mi

    Trattoria Da Danilo

    Via Petrarca, 13, 00185 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.73 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    The carbonara and the cacio pepe are specialities in this small, traditional restaurant near Piazza Vittorio.

  • 62
    0.98 mi


    Via Del Moro 53-55
    0.98 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Restaurant located in the popular district of Trastevere. An excellent and friendly service and delicious Italian dishes cooked pasta with different styles. The value is excellent (15 € / pers .) and it is a very popular local establishment.

  • 63
    0.61 mi

    Di Camillo Franco

    Via dei Falisci, 3, 00185 Rome, Italy
    0.61 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    My family was so into this place when they visited me in Rome. Order one of the prix-fixe menus and feast on an Iron Chef like tribute to fish. Fish soup, lasagna, snails, grilled sardines, grilled whole fish, accompanied by delicious bread, decent salad, liter bottles of white wine, and lemon sorbet to finish, for around €30-35 euro a head. ...

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  • 64
    0.98 mi

    Macro 138

    Via Nizza
    0.98 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    The perfect place for lunch. Entering the Macro Museum you could find this restaurant on the second floor. It has a nice outside area where you could find a buffet. The environment is quite cool, prices convenient.

  • 65
    0.98 mi

    Scilla e Cariddi

    Via IV November 145, Rome, Italy
    0.98 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Don't judge a book by its cover. This is a quaint Sicilian restaurant near Piazza Venezia. It's a miniscule place with a little door you can walk past and not think twice about. It can get uncomfortably crowded, but the food is really good. You may land on a night with live musicians...playing smack dab in the middle of the ...

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  • 66
    0.48 mi

    Ristorante Da Giovanni

    Via Antonio Salandra, 1A, Rome, Italy
    0.48 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    2 reviews

    A decent place to grab dinner near Termini Station. It seems to be a family-run restaurant. All the staff is friendly to tourists. They don't speak great English, but do their best to help translate the menu. The pasta is pretty good, but I really enjoyed their tiramisu.

  • 67
    0.74 mi

    Terrazza Barberini

    Via Barberini 16, Rome 00187, Italy
    0.74 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    This restaurant near the Palazzo Barberini, has a rooftop terrace where you can dine. We found it was too hot to sit in the sun so opted to lunch inside where the windows were open so we could still appreciate the fresh air. The menu was Italian with nice seafood offerings. Not great, but still enjoyable.

  • 68
    0.94 mi

    Bla Kongo

    via Ofanto 6
    0.94 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Swedish kitchen in an informal restaurant, with smart prices. This is the perfect place for lunch time. The environment is really relaxing in yellow colours. They also sell ethnic bijoux.

  • 69
    0.81 mi

    Ristorante Ciao Bella Srl

    Via Vittorio Veneto, 12, 00187 Rome, Italy
    0.81 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review
  • 70
    0.33 mi

    Sorchetteria Doppio Schizzo

    Via Cernaia 49/A, Rome, Italy
    0.33 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Open 24 hours, this place is perfect for late night (or early morning) munchies and espressos. It's near Termini if you're waiting for a train and don't mind a brief walk.

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  • 71
    0.98 mi


    Via Marghera, 37/39
    0.98 mi from Gemma alla Lupa

    After a long travel day I was happy to find this place, open and inviting. It was a comfortable place for a single person to eat. Other diners were the guests of the many hotels in the neighborhood. It was quiet. The food was hot. I enjoyed my plate of pasta. I got the traditional cacio e pepe, fresh pasta ...

  • 72
    1.7 mi

    Forno Campo de' Fiori

    Piazza Campo de Fiori, 22, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.7 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    12 reviews

    One of Rome's most famous places to get some salty, chewy, pizza bianca, Forno is open early in the day and is usually deservedly packed with Romans. Not only a cheap but a delicious place to grab a snack while wandering the streets.

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  • 73
    1.51 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    Via Florida 25, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.51 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    5 reviews

    Rome has got to be one of the top cities in the world for street food on the basis of pizza a taglio alone, and Pizza Florida does this amazing treat exceedingly well. Across from Largo Argentina, where Roman ruins and stray cats mingle, it's a great place to satisfy your hunger without emptying your entire wallet or spending two ...

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  • 74
    1.99 mi

    Dar Poeta

    Vicolo del Bologna 45/46, Rome 00153 Italy
    1.99 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    3 reviews

    Everyone's favorite pizza spot. That's why we made it our first stop as soon as we arrived. It was as delicious and tasty as people made it out to be-- but beware, it was also full of tourists. Ask them for recs on what pizza to get, but if they don't have any (which was the case for us), just ...

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  • 75
    1.64 mi


    Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68, 00176 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.64 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    3 reviews

    Since 1924, this bar in the edgy Pigneto neighborhood has been a Roman institution. In fact, in the 1950s, Pier Paolo Pasolini—the famous Italian film director, writer, and poet—was one of the bar's most frequent clients. Today, it's a retro-chic spot that still attracts a crowd of hip Romans, now with offerings like brunch, aperitivo, or late-night drinks (it's open ...

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  • 76
    1.98 mi

    Sisini Casa del Supplì

    Via San Francesco a Ripa, 137, Rome, Italy
    1.98 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Follow the signs: If you see a large group of locals gathering inside and bustling outside a restaurant, you know it must be worth something. This place had exactly that-- we got two different types of pastas (both delicious) and some fried ball thing. Everything was excellent-- tasty, fresh, and CHEAP. The pizzas are apparently worth getting too, so don't ...

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  • 77
    1.31 mi

    Caffè Canova - Tadolini

    Via del Babuino, 150/a, 00187 Rome, Italy
    1.31 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    2 reviews

    Service was a bit dodgy and they were out of most food items by the evening, but fabulous location for amazing cocktails amid the sculptures. Pretty camp but fun! Have coffee or tea among the statues!

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  • 78
    1.96 mi

    Monzù Vladi

    Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, 2, 153 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.96 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    My friend found this place. Great, authentic Neapolitan cuisine. I really wanted something hot (sore throat) and had the best bean soup I've had anywhere!

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  • 79
    1.91 mi

    Antico Caffé del Moro

    Via del Moro, 38, Roma, Italia
    1.91 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    1 review

    Great cafe in the Trastevere. The emblem on the outside is what drew us in, but it's a great place to stop for lunch or an early dinner. Love the decor!

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  • 80
    1.38 mi

    Giolitti - Centro Storico

    Via Uffici del Vicario 40, 00186 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.38 mi from Gemma alla Lupa
    45 reviews

    the best place to get original gelato. with around 100 different kinds of ice cream, you'll find anything from smurf to a strange dark ice called 'la morde', don't try that one ;)

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