Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

1828 Northeast Siskiyou Ave, Portland, OR 97212
3 reviews

Located in NE Portland this charming Bed & Breakfast is in easy reach of downtown Portland and the Northeast river area that houses the Convention Center, Rose Gardens, Lloyd Center, and the Memorial Coliseum. As the name implies the Georgian House has the warm brick style of the Georgian era even though it was built in 1922. The accommodation at ...

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  • 41
    2.18 mi

    Bailey's Taproom

    2.18 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    8 reviews

    Impressive little, rather high-tech pub! They have an amazing selection of beers on tap with all of the information about each brew on a on an electronic board over the taps including alcohol content and how much of that beer is remaining.

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  • 42
    2.72 mi

    JELD-WEN Field

    2.72 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    8 reviews

    Portland timbers!! A must see while your in Portland. Whether you like soccer or not the fans her ( timbers army) make the game do fun and unforgettable. If you coming with kids though get seats away from the timbers army. They tend to chant some bad words...

  • 43
    2.5 mi

    Hawthorne Bridge

    2.5 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    9 reviews

    People from out of town get really freaked out about driving on this bridge, which connects downtown to SE Hawthorne Blvd, because the inner part of it has slick steel grating. Cyclists and pedestrians share the sidewalk.

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  • 44
    1.95 mi

    Laurelhurst Park

    1.95 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    Southeast Portland's sprawling Laurelhurst Park is an excellent place to picnic, take your dog, play frisbee or just hang out. There's an enormous duck pond that's popular with families (come equipped with a loaf of bread), large, open designated off-leash dog run areas, and plenty of picnic tables. In the summer, it's not unusual to see groups of people practicing ...

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  • 45
    2.39 mi


    2.39 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    So decadent! They specialize in chocolate but more specifically European style drinking chocolate! They even have several different variations to choose from! Delicious!

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  • 46
    1.89 mi

    Next Adventure

    1.89 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    Great shop for outdoorsy stuff, with plenty of locally made products. It's especially popular among rock climbers, backpackers, and winter sports enthusiasts. They also buy and resell used backpacks and camping gear as well as a large selection of sports clothing. Really friendly staff, too!

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  • 47
    1.83 mi

    Burnside Bridge

    1.83 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    10 reviews

    In Portland it's easy to take a bridge walk and I've taken 4 over my several trips to the Rose City. Here are my stories....(Cue the Law and Order Clang). The Burnside Bridge is a double-leaf "Strauss style" bascule bridge that spans the Willamette River and was opened in 1926. Including approaches, the Burnside has a total length of 2,308 ...

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  • 48
    1.47 mi

    Mississippi Studios and Bar Bar

    1.47 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    5 reviews

    Located on Mississippi Street in North East Portland, Mississippi studios brings in a younger, dare I say “hipper” crowd. This location can be somewhat of a trek if you don’t have a car or bicycle, but it has become one of the staple venues in town to see fantastic live music. Besides that, in general Mississippi Street is an attraction ...

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  • 49
    2.92 mi

    Portland State University

    2.92 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    I did my undergad here and loved the mix of students. A lot of older people and returning students in the classes here, which keeps younger traditional students on their toes (at least it did in my case). Excellent urban studies program and a lot of international events.

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  • 50
    4.5 mi

    Fubonn Supermarket

    4.5 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    5 reviews

    Wide selection of pan-asian grocery! More neat and tidy than other smaller grocery stores in the city.

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  • 51
    2.58 mi


    2.58 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    Practically a Goodwill boutique! The nicest Goodwill I've ever seen! A bit smaller shop but great quality and set up to feel almost like a regular boutique. Very nice quality, selection and set up. I was very impressed!

  • 52
    1.38 mi

    New Seasons Market - Concordia

    1.38 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    My Teenage Son and I had dinner at the Kennedy School one night, of which I watched him devour large quantities of food. That much nutrition would have put me to bed early. However, I knew that he would be hungry again later in the evening. The cool, nearby, and busy New Seasons Market was a must stop. I found ...

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  • 53
    2.19 mi

    Jimmy Mak's

    2.19 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    Do you like jazz? Do you like tasty food and well-crafted libations? Of course you do. As a Portland institution, Jimmy Mak’s has played host to some of the best local and national jazz acts ever! If jazz isn’t your thing, you should still check this place out for its atmosphere, food and drink. Located in the heart of downtown ...

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  • 54
    2.49 mi

    Horse Brass Pub

    2.49 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    One of my favorite English pubs; love Tetley's! I remember the time when Harrison was visiting and Forsythe got belligerent and was yelling; rare form for that guy.

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  • 55
    1.55 mi

    Mississippi Marketplace

    1.55 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    Mississippi Marketplace is awesome. It has a nice selection of food carts. This is my second time visiting Portland so I was pretty excited to discover new places with food carts. I came here for lunch, but ended up buying breakfast food. If you are craving eggs, southern flavors, smoked bbq, crepes, or koren flavors, you should check this place ...

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  • 56
    2.24 mi

    Jackpot Records

    2.24 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon in the Rose City. I had just said goodbye to my son after a nice weekend together, met my ex-wife's partner, and was looking forward to the evening when I would return home and to Gayle. Taking all this in together, I was feeling a little "Gaga", complete with a personal vision of "Bad ...

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  • 57
    1.97 mi


    1.97 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    5 reviews

    Although Holocene is known as a club space in the evening, it can also be reserved during the day time for private events. I was recently here to attended a wedding/reception. The couple held a small ceremony in the stage/dance area, then it was quickly set up with tables for the reception portion. If you are looking to hold an ...

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  • 58
    2.26 mi

    Vault Martini

    2.26 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    By far the biggest and best cocktail menu in town! It can get a little packed on the evenings and weekends though.

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  • 59
    2.03 mi

    Compound Gallery

    2.03 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    Another awesome boutique, small women's selection, but tons for men, shirts, shoes, snap backs, accessories, funny toys/gifts, art. Right across the street from Upper Playground.

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  • 60
    2.33 mi

    Portland City Hall

    2.33 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    5 reviews

    After a busy week of Convention attendance and "glutinous" expense account consumption, I decided to go for a long walk and explore some of the distinct architecture that the Rose City has to offer. The Unitarian, Congregational, and Baptist Churches were interesting, as was the Portland Art Museum. My best experiences came out of "The Portland Stairs Book" by Laura ...

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