Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

1828 Northeast Siskiyou Ave, Portland, OR 97212
3 reviews

Located in NE Portland this charming Bed & Breakfast is in easy reach of downtown Portland and the Northeast river area that houses the Convention Center, Rose Gardens, Lloyd Center, and the Memorial Coliseum. As the name implies the Georgian House has the warm brick style of the Georgian era even though it was built in 1922. The accommodation at ...

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  • 21
    2.26 mi

    Vault Martini

    2.26 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    Portlanders are truly spoiled with all of your happy hour spots - and the fact that they happen daily kills me! After having some stiff cocktails around the corner at Teardrop, we decided to continue happy houring here. Vault is a swank martini bar in the Pearl that I would imagine hanging out frequently with my gal pals or fab ...

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  • 22
    2.4 mi

    Pioneer Courthouse Square

    2.4 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    34 reviews

    The hub of downtown Portland. You can catch the Max here or connect to anywhere downtown. Frequently you'll find musicians and other talented folk here.

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  • 23
    1.9 mi

    Darcelle XV

    1.9 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Portland's quintessential drag queen bar, Darcelle's is a lot of fun. The performers here put a great amount of effort into their outfits and their shows, and many throw in a lot of comedy for good measure. It's not a strip-club at all. It's more of a cabaret with free-flowing booze.

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  • 24
    2.82 mi


    2.82 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Pliny the Elder on tap! A fantastic selection of beers, ales, IPAs, stouts, porters, WOW! It is cash only, but at $4 for many of the selections it is terrific value for the money. IF the weather is nice you can sit outside. Each beverage come in the glass best suited to enjoying it. THIS is the place for people ...

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  • 25
    1.91 mi


    1.91 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Deviled Pickled Eggs. Get in mah belly.

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  • 26
    2.04 mi

    Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

    2.04 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    12 reviews

    If you ever crave a good game of PacMan at 3AM, Ground Kontrol ahs you covered. This two-story quarter arcade is filled with flashy, loud video games and pinball machines. They also serve beer and have quiz nights aimed at gamers. There's very little room to sit, though, so come prepared to play, not to socialize.

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  • 27
    2.49 mi

    Horse Brass Pub

    2.49 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    4 reviews

    Horse Brass Pub is a old-school style British pub serving drinks and English comfort food such as Bangers and Mash. There's no pretentious vibe here. It's just a down-home place where good drinks and good food is conducive to good conversation, making it a worthy pub.

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  • 28
    2.09 mi


    2.09 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Though technically a gay club, Ember's is a classic downtown dance spot for clubgoers of all orientations who want a good, unpretentious time on the dance floor. The music ranges from disco classics to top 40 favorites to all kinds of electronica, and other clubgoers are usually friendly and fun. Bring lots of cash (drinks are predictably expensive) and leave ...

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  • 29
    1.45 mi

    Mississippi Avenue

    1.45 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Mississippi Avenue is a wonderful street and is popular among locals in North Portland. It's filled with lively restaurants, bars, concert venues, cool boutiques, and shops.

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  • 30
    1.88 mi


    1.88 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    Located on the Eastside waterfront, Rotture showcases an eclectic variety of musical acts. If you have a strong reaction to dance upon hearing hip-hop, electronic and rock music, then Rotture must be visited. Without a car or bicycle, a cab is probably the best way to get there and back home. Walking is not advised as the streets are somewhat ...

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  • 31
    2.7 mi

    Multnomah Falls

    2.7 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    68 reviews

    Multnomah falls is absolutely gorgeous. I took my family and girlfriend there after nor having been for years and it was completely worth it. Great path for hiking up as well with a magnificent view of the Gorge along the way.

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  • 32
    2.29 mi

    Powell's City of Books

    2.29 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    106 reviews

    This place is a book junkie's paradise. Upon entering this magical "city," my inner English Literature geek nearly exploded from happiness. Plan to spend at least a few hours wandering between the stacks as this palatial store occupies a full city block. Besides housing a giant collection of new, used and rare books, Powell's sells them for ridiculously low prices. ...

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  • 33
    1.6 mi

    Broadway Bridge

    1.6 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    15 reviews

    Furthest north of the the five main bridges in the center of the city in Portland.

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  • 34
    1.95 mi

    Portland Saturday Market

    1.95 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    37 reviews

    Portland Saturday Market is always fun to explore on the weekends on the waterfront. You can find food, little trinkets, clothes, jewelry, and almost everything else. You'll see a lot of hipsters around but it's Portland, of course. It's a fun place to hang out and people-watch too! Things aren't always cheap, but it's fun to "window-shop."

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  • 35
    2.71 mi

    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    2.71 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    31 reviews

    I remember OMSI being more fun as a kid - but it was still fun on my last visit as well.

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  • 36
    2.92 mi

    Portland Farmers' Market

    2.92 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    23 reviews

    Hands down the best farmer's market I've ever seen! All natural, high quality vendors most with samples! The market has very high standards and only accepts a few new stands out of approximately one thousand applicants each year. The most incredible variety of meats, cheeses and produce. Also, prepared foods, deserts, jams, sauces, soups and so much more. Great selection ...

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  • 37
    2.43 mi

    Tom McCall Waterfront Park

    2.43 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    26 reviews

    Love the waterfront park in Portland! In the summer everyone comes out for the festivals in the park along the waterfront. Sometimes the lines can be long but overall Portland is not terribly crowded for a city. In fact the park is sometimes even better when there are no festivals on and you can enjoy the waterfront in peace and ...

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  • 38
    3.29 mi

    Mount Tabor Park

    3.29 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    15 reviews

    Beautiful park. Great to spend time at on a hot summer day. Good view of the city if it's not cloudy.

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  • 39
    3.98 mi

    Steel Bridge

    3.98 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    16 reviews

    Located slightly to the north of the city this bridge is the one that the Max train goes over to head to the north east portion of the city.

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  • 40
    2.66 mi

    Portland Art Museum

    2.66 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    15 reviews

    Good but not great. Would expect more from a city like Portland.

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