Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

1828 Northeast Siskiyou Ave, Portland, OR 97212
3 reviews

Located in NE Portland this charming Bed & Breakfast is in easy reach of downtown Portland and the Northeast river area that houses the Convention Center, Rose Gardens, Lloyd Center, and the Memorial Coliseum. As the name implies the Georgian House has the warm brick style of the Georgian era even though it was built in 1922. The accommodation at ...

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  • 41
    2.1 mi

    BridgePort BrewPub

    2.1 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    6 reviews

    Amazing happy hour! Great service and fantastic staff! The biggest and best brew pub in town! It also serves as on the of the primary sets for the television show Leverage which is shot in Portland.

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  • 42
    2.83 mi

    New Seasons Market - Seven Corners

    2.83 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    2 reviews

    If you're on a budget but want to eat healthy, Portland is the right place to do it. Most of the supermarkets here have health food sections; the local supermarket chain New Seasons is more like a health food supermarket with a few "conventional" items thrown in. The deli here has a hot and cold buffet, fresh soup, and a ...

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  • 43
    2.14 mi

    Portland City Grill

    2.14 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    14 reviews

    My Company hosted a dinner here the other night. We had our own "Room with a View", complete with very good service and lots of food and drink. This huge place is quite the operation and the place was packed with happy folks taking in the aerial Portland sights. However, the food doesn't quite match the ambiance. Call me spoiled, ...

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  • 44
    2.51 mi

    Peet's Coffee & Tea

    2.51 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    3 reviews

    I've tried Peet's Coffee a couple of times at different locations around Portland. May interactions with the staff have been very pleasant and I really like their coffee.

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  • 45
    1.62 mi

    Doug Fir Restaurant

    1.62 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    9 reviews

    This should be on any Pacific Northwest Twin Peaks tour guide. The food is great and the atmosphere is well crafted.

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  • 46
    2.07 mi

    Bijou Cafe

    2.07 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

    Brunch is big business in Portland, and this downtown cafe is one of the city's most loved establishments. The food here is mostly sourced from local producers and they strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible. They do breakfasty takes of NW regional cuisine quite well--the oyster hash and the vegan tofu scramble are particularly popular. It's a ...

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  • 47
    2.07 mi

    Le Bistro Montage

    2.07 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

    The Montage, under the east side of the Morrison Bridge, is a ate-night Portland institution known for it's mac and cheese and cajun concoctions. The best thing about this place is that they'll wrap your leftovers up in tin foil shapes (usually roses and swans--sometimes they get more creative with their creations).

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  • 48
    2.07 mi

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    2.07 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

    I enjoyed the wide open space, the art work, the magazine rack along the left wall, and of course the people watching. This Stumptown Coffee Roasters was also on my way to the Portland Saturday Market. I usually just order black coffee and to me its a harbinger of how well they make their other coffee products. Plus, foam has ...

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  • 49
    2.23 mi

    Deschutes Brewery & Public House

    2.23 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    27 reviews

    Some reviews have expressed some concerns about the service and the food here. And maybe the folks up here have higher standards for their plethora of Brew Pubs. Boy, I wish I had that problem! However, both of us thought that the food (we split an order of fish and chips), the beer (I had the Red Chair IPA and ...

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  • 50
    1.63 mi

    Le Pigeon

    1.63 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    14 reviews

    Carnivores and adventurous eaters will appreciate chef Gabriel Rucker’s creations, which add whimsy and decadence to traditional French recipes. Beef-cheek bourguignonne, rabbit-in-a-pig-blanket, and foie gras profiteroles are among the quirky edibles. The chef’s counter puts diners ringside in the busy kitchen, and the brick-wall dining room’s three communal tables are often filled with both locals and international clientele. Le Pigeon’s ...

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  • 51
    2.22 mi

    Pine State Biscuits

    2.22 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    14 reviews

    OMG ...please go. The breakfast biscuits are on par with Austin's breakfast tacos. We were up there for a weekend to try new foods, I loved the biscuits so much I had to go back on the second day to have an encore. Warm hearty meals that make you feel better for the dreary wet weather.

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  • 52
    2.33 mi

    Clyde Common

    2.33 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    12 reviews

    Great food and drinks, a bit pricey but you'll have a good time. Service is usually good, can be so-so.

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  • 53
    2.33 mi

    Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

    2.33 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    12 reviews

    I stopped here for dinner and after checking out the Ace Hotel (basically next door) as a possible future place to stay. Even though it had gotten a bit chilly on this early evening, it was fun sitting outside with the neat metal patio furniture and watching the world go by. It was an off night for me and Kenny. ...

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  • 54
    2.2 mi

    Huber's Cafe

    2.2 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    8 reviews

    I got a map that told me about all the places to eat within an easy walk of the Convention Centre. Since I wasn't in the mood for Red Robin or Applebee's, I took the Trimet into town and decided to try Huber's Cafe. Huber's was established in 1879 and only 20 years after Oregon received Statehood. This place was ...

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  • 55
    2.17 mi

    Little Bird Bistro

    2.17 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    10 reviews

    I had an early dinner here at Little Bird during a recent solo business trip to the Rose City. I sat at the handsome copper top bar and enjoyed a Le Pigeon Burger (with wine), while I watched this French Bistro world around me. From my front corner position, I had a direct view into the kitchen, the hungry folks ...

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  • 56
    1.44 mi

    Voodoo Doughnut

    1.44 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

    If you are not in the mood to wait in the usually long line downtown the north east location is a great alternative for the same delicious doughnuts!

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  • 57
    2.51 mi

    Bagdad Theater & Pub

    2.51 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast

    This review is only for the street-side cafe on Hawthorne. It was time for lunch and considering my love of micro-brew (IPA, Porter, and Stout especially), there are just too many choices here in the City of Roses. I considered Nick's, but all the older guys (like me) who were sitting quietly in their booths, reminded me too much of ...

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  • 58
    2.39 mi

    Nong's Khao Man Gai

    2.39 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    7 reviews

    I've been to Singapore and had the famous chicken rice there, and I've had Nong's. I must say both are good in their own aspect but that's not to put down either one. Nong's chicken rice is amazing and to have that within the reaches of Portland rather than going half way around the World is just great. Please also ...

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  • 59
    2.69 mi

    Ken's Artisan Bakery

    2.69 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    7 reviews

    Fancy little French style pastry shop. Lovely atmosphere and yummy treats! I really enjoyed the quiche!

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  • 60
    2.37 mi

    Jake's Famous Crawfish

    2.37 mi from Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
    10 reviews

    An amazing happy hour that'll have you writing home about the flavors!!

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