Ginzaya Restaurant

7522 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869
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    0.89 mi

    Orange Hill Restaurant

    0.89 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    10 reviews

    I LOVE this place. I think this was one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been too. You have to drive on a hill to get to this place. You give your car to the valet guy (valet only). And you walk into this little garden with koi fish ponds and Christmas lights. Definitely a romantic date place. ...

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    4.63 mi


    4.63 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    18 reviews

    Today I tried the chicken and waffle, bacon egg and cheese, and lemon cream and berries. First of all, it looked like at this location they don't put as much filling inside as they do at the Brea location. The sandwiches looked sad and flat. Or was I just too excited to eat Bruxie sandwiches again that I hyped it ...

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  • 3
    4.83 mi

    Cream Pan

    4.83 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    15 reviews

    OMG JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!! After stepping foot into Cream Pan I feel as if someone had dropped me in dessert heaven, and since I work less than 2 miles away I know this can't be good for my wallet. As a fan of Japanese food, this quaint little bakery in the heart of Tustin has surely won my heart. ...

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    4.81 mi

    Honda Ya Japanese Restaurant

    4.81 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    11 reviews

    Legitimate Izakaya in OC. Pitcher of beers reasonable price, great place to get together as a group. Fried chicken is good, I personally love the nabeyaki udon here. All small dishes which you can share and sample. Alot of great memories here with friends, decent service. It can get pricy here if you keep on ordering. It can be a ...

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    4.66 mi

    Haven Gastropub

    4.66 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    10 reviews

    I've been a regular here since they opened and the food and drinks are always top notch. Yes sometimes they do get busy but that's to be expected in a place that people like to go to. The haven burger and cheese plate are my two favorite items. The bacon wrapped jumbo prawns are to die for as well. If ...

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  • 6
    4.23 mi

    Slater's 50/50 Burgers by Design

    4.23 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    11 reviews

    Disappointing. The bun was way too big compared to the meat. And the restaurant smell was really distracting - it smelled like an old wet mop! Really wanted to like this place.

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  • 7
    4.64 mi

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewery

    4.64 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant

    Ok something I wont often admit... I am a fan of this particular chain. I am a fan of BJs for a few reasons; service, beer, and grub. But this location was a fun meetup for a lunch with my parents. So The munchkin, my parents and I were relaxing and having a great meal. But this place has some ...

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    2.56 mi

    In-N-Out Burger

    2.56 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    5 reviews

    Like other In-N-Out Burger location, this has great food and excellent service. Expect a line on weekend nights.

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  • 9
    4.64 mi

    Gen Korean BBQ

    4.64 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    9 reviews

    So what better place to go after a workout? AYCE Korean BBQ of course! hahaha. We waited for them to open Saturday morning (11am!) after our Barre class down the street at Enerji Barre. Once we were seated, it wasn't long before they were bustling and busy. The last time we tried to come, they had a 2 hour wait ...

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  • 10
    4.48 mi

    Shabu Shabu Bar

    4.48 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    6 reviews

    Grace C. and I made our way to Shabu Shabu Bar this past Wednesday because both of us were too lazy to make ourselves dinner at home. So we decided to go to a restaurant where we 'cook' our dinner anyway. Go figure. But moreso, it's for the company and camaraderie that drove us to go out. Check their website ...

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    4.02 mi

    Ohshima Japanese Cuisine

    4.02 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    3 reviews

    Just like any other day my friends and I were having hard time deciding what to eat for dinner. Luckily someone suggested we use Yelp. After going through my bookmarks I suggested Ohshima. We were not disappointed. Upon arrival we had noticed that they had just opened. However once we entered the restaurant we noticed that all tables had already ...

  • 12
    3.66 mi

    Tacos Jalisco

    3.66 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    1 review

    OMG the chicken taco made love to my tastebuds! I aint afraid to admit it either. After one bite I am hooked =D ok so yeah driving around and randomly see this joint tucked back behind a taco bell of all places and I was in the mood for a taco or three so yeah here I went... I stroll ...

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  • 13
    3.98 mi


    3.98 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant

    When I came to LA, it was unexpectedly hot. Granted, it's nowhere near as bad as the humid South and East Coast, but it was still pretty warm. Eating at Yogurtland was exactly what I needed. The yogurt tastes refreshing and has exquisite flavors. I personally enjoyed the peach yogurt and guava yogurt. Plus, you can sample several flavors.

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  • 14
    4.67 mi

    Felix Continental Cafe

    4.67 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    4 reviews

    Extraordinarily average Cuban food, but still pretty tasty and reasonably priced. This is no Habana and I wouldn't wait long for a table, but definitely not bad.

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  • 15
    4.75 mi

    Rutabegorz Tustin Restaurant

    4.75 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    3 reviews

    I've always been a fan of Rutabegorz since I was introduced to it over 10 years ago! The Fullerton location is closer to me, but for a girls' night out we went to this one since it was convenient. I like the layout of this location better because it's an open space and not a bunch of small rooms. We ...

  • 16
    4.72 mi

    The Lazy Dog Cafe

    4.72 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    5 reviews

    I like this place even thought there are only 3 things I like on the menu. I'm stick to my usual orders @ each restaurant, so I'm not surprise when I order the same thing. Number 1 thing to order - pot roast. Their pot roast is so tender, so good and so amazingly good. I especially LOVE their gravy ...

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  • 17
    4.68 mi


    4.68 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    4 reviews

    I haven't tried their dishes yet only the drinks. So the rating is only for drinks; I had their hot chocolate recently and Spanish hot chocolate before when they still had it on the menu. (not a cafe place for studying/working) Pictured: hot chocolate.

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  • 18
    4.05 mi

    Sake 2 Me

    4.05 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    4 reviews

    Love this place! The AYCE is an amazing deal for $24. As with all AYCE, I would recommend ordering sushi before rolls, because rolls will just fill you up. On the other hand, their sushi comes with a tiny amount of rice, so you're definitely getting your money's worth. My favorites were the salmon and yellowtail. There are some items ...

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    3.64 mi

    Islands Restaurant

    3.64 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    4 reviews

    Worked here over the summer when I was a student at UCI. It's a good mid range restaurant with good food. They have great french fries and burgers, but I really like their Moa Kai tuna sandwich and the Yaki chicken tacos.

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  • 20
    4.65 mi

    Lucca Cafe

    4.65 mi from Ginzaya Restaurant
    3 reviews

    I came here for the OC Restaurant Week menu. At $15 for a 3-course prix fixe, that is a pretty good deal. I had the soup, turkey meatloaf sandwich and the yoghurt cake. Drew M. tried the soup, seared ahi sandwich, and lemon bar. We both ordered a full glass of wine at 25% off. The meal was good on ...

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