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  • Gladiator Rock N Run - Pasadena
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    I don't blame Gladiator for this mistake but I bought the entry to the Gladiator Run from Groupon. $50 for VIP entry for the 5K. Really good deal.

    When I checked in with the Gladiator people, they didn't have my information. So I had to sign up all over again - but the Gladiator people helped a lot (Thanks Brandon!). I was able to get me and the fiance's race tag, t-shirt, VIP beer, and VIP tags - and our hats!

    We couldn't register our team in time but we dressed up anyways as the Teenage Looking Muddy Ninja Turtles. Because of the Groupon error, we couldn't sign up in time. But we dressed up anyways.

    It doesn't really matter what time you sign up for because you can go at any time wave. They didn't look at our time wave. They section people on the first 100 runners waves.

    Obstacle Course:
    The Obstacle Course was fun. Yes, some were a bit easy but honestly, I like that (not that I'm lazy) but I noticed all types of people - big, tall, skinny, overweight, old, young, etc... so it'd be good to work for them as well. I was happy because the Quads of Gods KILLED me. My calves were sore.

    The 8 ft wall... was really easy. There are steps for you. So it's actually pretty nice.

    The cold water plunge was cold... and dirty! So many people!

    The mud crawl... I wish I wore longer pants because rocks kept hitting my legs and scrapping me in the mud, but I got through it.

    The Balls hitting you was a joke. It could had done damage but the people managing it didn't seem to try. So just basically ran around them.

    The course was long and I was tired but I did fine. My fiance doesn't workout AT ALL and did not prepare himself for a run or obstacle course, but he finished! :D (yes, I abandoned him but he was with my friend too).

    There was a problem with some obstacle courses because you need to wait your turn for some of them. Like the cargo net. You had to wait your turn. Then there was the Rope Wall... Wait your turn.

    So the times don't really matter because you had to wait for your turn to go.

    But it was all in good fun. If you're the type to need to have the perfect time, this obstacle course is not for you. This is for someone who wants to have fun and feel like a gladiator.

    Got to meet Nitro. My sister and I had a crush on him when we were kids and he looks the same. Very nice guy.

    Lots of fun costumes! There were some guys wearing those full body suits. WOW.

    Really fun event. If you're competitive, don't do this one. If you're expecting a Tough Mudder, this is not Tough Mudder. This is a simple version of it. But I like that because it allows all types of people to participate. Not only P90X and INSANITY players.

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