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Dec 13, 2012 - Dec 21, 2012

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We are going to Jordan in December with Gate 1 Travel. Has anyone used them or to Jordan before? Any recommendations, thoughts of the tour company and/or Jordan.

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    • Daniel Robards commented on this list

      I don't know anything about Gate 1 Travel, but you will absolutely love Jordan. It is a unique destination with so much to see and experience. I would recommend picking a tour that will allow you to interact with the people of Jordan. I personally believe they are one of Jordan's biggest travel assets.

      Have a great trip.

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    • Yazan Hijazien commented on this list

      i am from jordan if you need good price i can help contact me through my e-mail.

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    • Philip Abedrabbo recommended Petra
      Jordan is a very beautiful country and has a variety of places that you can visit and enjoy there,such as Petra,The dead sea,Jerash,Un Qaies,Aqaba and many other places.According to the time that you ... read more
      are planning to visit is a very good time for many reasons mainly the weather there is not so hot and is not so cold so you can enjoy the sea and the mountain areas,of course and as the weather changing it is a must to take with you warm clothes, specially in the evenings.Other thing that you can enjoy there the different entertainment places in the capital of Jordan Amman,not to forget also the delicious and typical Jordanian food.Hope that you enjoy your trip there and if you need more information I can provide you with it.
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      Philip Abedrabbo

      Well Gloria I am glad for your decison to visit Jordan and if you need any help I can make arrangments for your stay there,with excellent transportation stay and guiding too.If you feel this will help please contact me through this site or through this address and I will be happy to help you with every thing you need,have a nice day,and again hope that you will enjoy your stay when you come.

      Miroslava Raykovska recommended Petra
      I have seen quite a lot of natural wonders, but Petra is a masterpiece where human activity and nature have worked together to make it a real 'must-to-see'.
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      Miroslava Raykovska

      Petra and floating in the Dead see are must for Jordan

      Baxter Jackson recommended Petra
      Petra is quite simply breathtaking. You'll never forget the first time you traverse the narrow pinkish-red passageway that leads to Petra's Treasury, (the building that had a starring role in Indiana ... read more
      Jones and the Last Crusade). If you get there early in the morning, you can watch the colors of the stones change color with the rising of the sun - spectacular. Plan on two days at least to fully explore all that Petra has to offer.
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    • ábéé Śwéét commented on this list

      Hi I'm Abee and I live in Jordan there are many many places to visit such as Petra , Jerash , Wadi Rum ,Um Qais , the Dead sea and Aqaba and so many other places inside Amman such as the roman theater and some other places you would love the weather here. I hope you enjoy your visiting have a great vacation

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    • Samariá GorgeSamariá Gorge, Sfakia 73011, Greece
      Silvia Gogova recommended Samariá Gorge
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    • Old City of Jerusalem Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
      Pro 2014
      . Troy recommended Old City of Jerusalem
      One of the most utterly enthralling and mesmerising places you'll ever visit in your lifetime and in large part still looks much like it probably did 2,000 years ago. Whether the purpose of your visit ... read more
      is based on faith - the city is of equal importance to Jews, Christians and Muslims - or just curiosity you'll be left with the indellible imprint of a place which can't fail to move even the most hardened cynic. Juxtapose that with more contemporary tensions and you'll witness that the Old City isn't just history fossilised, it's the living, breathing, beguiling and fiendishly complex embodiment of it unfolding now. For a really special experience, do try and spend at least one night within the city walls at one of the Christian guest houses - they're not exclusive to pilgrims - and waking up to the sights and sounds of the Old City, which truly is unique.
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      Gloria Anderson thanked . Troy for this recommendation.
      . Troy

      I appreciate your trip is based on exploring Jordan, but bear in mind that Jerusalem is just 45 miles from the Jordanian capital, Amman. Day trips are plentiful and strongly recommended.

    • Pro 2014
      . Troy recommended Amman
      Any first time visitor to Amman may be forgiven for thinking that the place is just one huge, unplanned sprawl. While that may be true, the city is an interesting metaphor for the confidence sweeping ... read more
      Arab nations, though in this case the American influence is strong to see. Much like Beirut now and Cairo in the 1960s, Amman is a fascinating, cosmpolitan city representing not just the crossroads of various Arab cultures, but also touch points with the west. My broad characterisation of the place is not dissimilar to parts of Germany or Switzerland: one the one hand embracing the global village, on the other, quite conservative and rightly holding on to its own traditions and identity. For all of those reasons, I love the place.
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    • Reem Al-BalwadiTlaa al-Ali Jubilee Gardens
      Pro 2014
      . Troy recommended Reem Al-Balwadi
      From the moment you step over the threshold of this veritable palace of dining, you know you're in for something special. You're greeted in the lobby area by a host who shakes your hand and then takes ... read more
      you through into the main dining hall. Seating is at Arabic low tables in the main hall or, during warmer months, outside in Bedouin tents. Service is like a slickly-oiled machine and many high end restaurants in London and New York could learn a trick or two about how to keep such a vast space functioning so well. As for the menu, it's mainly quality Jordanian and Lebanese specialities, plus plenty of delicious mezzes and kebabs. Shisha pipes are in plentiful supply and if you're not a fan of smoking, you may prefer to dine elsewhere. 10/10 for atmosphere, service and food. Reservations recommended.
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      . Troy

      Now on my top 10 lists of restaurants in the world. Wins on food, service and atmosphere.

    • Pro 2014
      . Troy recommended Mujib Chalets
      When it comes to finding somewhere to stay on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea there are really only two choices: a bunch of broadly identical five star resorts all clustered together in one place ... read more
      or here. The chalets are attached to the Al Mujib Nature Reserve - established just a couple of years ago - and are run by the the Jordanian Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). Facilities are basic: there's basically a bed and a refrigerator; bathroom facilities are shared. But what you come here for is the landscape and the kind of peace and solitude which the resorts cannot provide. All of the chalets have breathtaking views out over the sea and a beautiful stretch of coastline. Chalets cost from around JOD 70 (USD 98 / EUR 74) per night. There's a basic restaurant on site for evening meals and breakfast, but you're better off doing a supermarket run in Amman and bringing your own. Direct access to the sea is via a staircase and there's a shower for washing off all of that salt after a float in the sea.
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    • Pro 2014
      . Troy recommended Amman Beach Club
      If you're seeking that 'I want to float in the Dead Sea' moment and not staying in one of the waterfront hotels, this is the most credible alternative. At the time of writing, as a foreigner you'll be ... read more
      charged JOD 15 for entry (it's cheaper if you're a Jordanian national) and towels and a locker are a modest JOD 1.5 more. Sure there are places further along the coast where you can access the sea for nothing, but you won't be able to wash the salt off in a shower straight afterwards. The beach is nothing remarkable - it's quite rocky, so some waterproof shoes are recommended; in any event these are good too for once you're in the sea as some salt formations can cut your feet to shreds. The facilities are basic but satisfactory. I wouldn't bank on spending more than 3-4 hours here, but at least you'll get the experience you seek for alot less than the JOD 40+ nearby hotels want for a daypass. There are a couple of freshwater pools too and a set menu lunch is available for around JOD 12. If you get a taxi here from downtown Amman (about 40 minutes' drive) don't pay more than JOD 30-40 for the round-trip, including keeping the driver waiting while you're there.
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    • Mt. NeboJordan
      Silvia Gogova recommended Mt. Nebo
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      Silvia Gogova

      If you go organized for sure they will recommend you the main places for visiting. Here is the link with my travel notes for Jordan - I have been there twice. I hope they will be useful for you too :)) In case the link dont open in English - there is an option for translate on the top of the blog.

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Dead Sea
      There's a reason they call it the Dead Sea. If you swallow just a mouthful of it's incredible salty water (33.7% salinity, 8.6% saltier than the ocean), you'll die - supposedly. It is, most assuredly, ... read more
      at 423 meters below sea level, the lowest elevation on earth. Maybe that's why it was so warm even in freezing cold January when I visited. If you do go, don't make the mistake of not washing off the dead waters of this sea as I did, otherwise you'll be remembering the chaffing between your thighs long after the healing waters have evaporated.
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      Baxter Jackson

      You can visit the Dead Sea in Jordan too, Gloria - a very strange experience indeed!

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Jerash
      For all you blood sport fans out there, at the Roman ruins of Jerash, they've brought back the chariot races and gladiators after a 1,500 year hiatus (check their website for times and prices). ... read more
      Jerash's stunning oval plaza, a.k.a, the Forum, links the Cardo Maximus, the North/South axis with the Temple of Zeus. There's 56 iconic columns surrounding the paved limestone plaza 'cause I counted 'em :-) Seeing someone prostrate and bow to Allah at the Temple of Artemis just down from the Forum is exactly what I never expected to see. It was like seeing someone playing the bagpipes at a Roman Coliseum, just totally unexpected and as it just so happens in Jordan that's exactly what I saw next, wallah! (I swear).
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    • The Royal TombsPetra Ruins
    • Temple of HerculesAmman, Jordan
    • Roman TheaterAmman, Jordan
    • JarashJarash, Jordan
    • King Hussein BridgeAmman, Jordan
    • Petra ..JordanPetra, Jordan
    • West AmmanMazen Al Ajlouni, Amman, Jordan
    • St. George Church-Mosaic MapKing Talal Street, Madaba, Jordan
    • DeadSeaJordan Vally, Amman, Jordan
    • The TheaterPetra Ruins

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