• Travis Katz - Gogobot

Alan Wong's Restaurant

1857 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826
Sara Benson's rating:
Ask around about what the best restaurant on Oahu is, and a lot of people will tell you Alan Wong's. Strangely, this foodie pilgrimage spot is in a non-descript office building on a busy street in downtown Honolulu, and has no ocean views (and no parking lot either -- valet or metered street parking only). So what's everyone doing here? They're here for the creative Hawaii Regional cuisine. Skip the tasting menus (overpriced, unreliable) and stick with the chef's classic dishes instead, like the 12-hour braised short ribs. Reserve ahead, especially if you want to attend one of the special monthly farm-to-table dinners featuring Oahu-grown ingredients.
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